3 Color Challenge week 8

This week I got a rather interesting roll for eyeshadow.

It’s the browbone color (white and shimmery) and a wet & wild quad I’ve used only once before. This is good because I’ve been wondering if this needs to be decluttered from my collection. I purchased this early 2018 when I was just starting to get into makeup. I also purchased a nude toned quad at the same time. I actually used a large portion of that nude quad last year, I hit pan on 3 of the colors, with one of them getting completely used up.

Obviously, this quad is far less wearable on a day to day basis, and since my collection basically blossomed after purchasing it, I never really had a huge urge to mess with it again. Though I did like it the one time I wore it!

Anyhow, rolling this one in should be fun. While I don’t use a white shimmer as a browbone highlight like the palette suggests, I do rather enjoy using this one as an inner corner highlight. But for today, I chose to use it differently.

I began with my BH Zodiac Love Signs palette.


Since the Sagittarius shimmer is part of this week’s challenge, I figured I’d work with that. I began with the Libra matte as a transition shade and the Sagittarius matte in my crease. I then put the Sagittarius shimmer all over my lid. Then, I used the wet & wild browbone color on the inner half of my lid over the top of the Sagittarius shimmer. I wanted to lighten up that dark color.

I also used the wet n wild color for an inner corner highlight. I used both the mattes on the lower lash line as well. I lined my waterline with a nude liner. And done.

I think it is interesting that the wet & wild shadow actually seems to kick up the shimmer intensity as well. It’s a surprisingly wearable look, or I am getting far more accustomed to dark looks after about 7 weeks of them. In any case, I am struggling a bit to know what to do for the rest of the week, but I am sure I’ll figure it out! At some point I do intend to use the wet & wild quad exclusively to see how it performs in general. But, I don’t think that’s a project for this week.

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