More Finished Objects

The knitting continues on in my life, and while I tend to feel it is going slow, when the blog is full of makeup talk it goes a bit faster than I expect.

I posted this project in progress and now it is done.


It is almost as wide as it is long. That means it is not very long. I definitely could have eliminated about half the stitches in width and gotten a very nice scarf. And I may do that in the future with this pattern because it was a lot of fun. But with this one, I think I may just fold it in a triangle to use, it’s a serviceable shawlette that way and that ends up adding a lot of interesting color directions.


Perfectly lovely!

So, that’s 56% of my yearly goal and another yarn knocked out of my stash. Not too shabby! My yarn, at the moment, sits at 109 stash entries though I am not positive how accurate that is right now. It is definitely close if not accurate. So, despite doing quite a bit of spinning there for a hot minute, the stash hasn’t grown out of proportion to what I am knitting.