July Beauty Balance

At the end of June, two items left my collection over what entered it. This month is my last boxycharm for awhile. I adore my boxycharm subscription and it gave me a wonderful base of makeup to play with in my collection. But, I now just have too much cluttering up my life in the way of backup products. I need to quit until I at least work through all those things! I hope to subscribe someday in the future because it really is good fun. Until then, this’ll be my last boxycharm beauty balance.


These are the items which I received in my boxycharm box this month. I also received brushes, but they don’t count in my beauty balance. They are permanent items. So, that’s 4 items entering my collection. Or, two over what left last month. Two items out of balance. I have to admit, I’d be way way more likely to continue subscription boxes in general if we got fewer masks! One does not tend to use masks daily, or at least I do not. So the amount of masks coming into my collection can feel overwhelming, even when I am giving some of them to my daughter! Cleansers and primers are the other two items that get overwhelming after awhile, though I am less likely to hand some of them to my daughter as I’ll actually use them. In any case, I plan to take a nice long break and use up all the back stock accumulated over the past year.

This box itself, I love Ofra liquid lipsticks even though I tend to avoid liquid lipsticks. I was worried as this one seemed to be billed as a metallic but it doesn’t come across that way in real life. It is a VERY bright hot pink though. I am ok with that, I love a bright lipstick. The cleansing wipes will be easily used I am certain, and I look forward to trying the eyeshadow though I haven’t yet. As for the mask, I think it’s clear how I feel about those right now! Too many. Too many.

So, what is leaving?


I went through my collection recently to see if anything could leave. We have an upcoming vacation, and while on that vacation, we may see our nephew and his girlfriend. I noticed at the wedding that she had a pretty little winged liner on. So, since I am not a winged liner aficionado, and since liners are another thing subscription boxes overload us with, I figured I’d move two liquid liners and one gel liner into my travel box to see if I can unload them on our nephew’s girlfriend. This leaves me with one liquid liner and one gel liner in my collection. Those two are already opened and not fit to pass on to someone I barely know.

In looking through and listing my eyeshadow collection I have realized that I have many pans of charcoal grey shimmery shadow floating through it and I don’t need to keep this one sad, warped pan of the same. I am removing it from my collection and tossing it. I do not need it in my life.

I finished my Kenra toning masque. I used this once a week or so to keep my grey hair looking fantastic. I do believe it lasted me more than 6 months. It’s expensive but it works very well and lasts a very long time, so I think the payoff is pretty good here. I am not going to repurchase at this point because I intend to cut my hair, and once that has happened there’ll be far less time for my grey to turn brassy or discolored. But, if I ever start growing out my hair again, I’ll definitely keep this as a staple in my collection.

And finally, I finished up yet another container of my favorite hand cream to keep at work. I only like this one in this scent so I will certainly repurchase at some point. But, I have another half bottle at home that can be brought to work and hand cream is less necessary this time of year than it can be at other times. That’s 7 items out. Leaving me 5 items out of my collection above what has entered it.

There will be more incoming this month, I did make a purchase or a few. I’ll do another beauty balance post when those arrive. I mentioned that I plan to get a hair cut, and this will change what I need to use for hair products, so that may throw a bit of a wrench into this month too. But, I am fairly certain I’ll still be coming out ahead on my beauty balance.

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