I Created

My favorite eye look ever last week. So, despite the fact that my regularly scheduled post would be Monday’s 3 color challenge, I am going to skip that today and post about my eye look.

Here’s the thing. I had seen the Maybelline city mini in hi-rise sunset recently. I really liked the color story. And I especially liked the yellow. Initially, I thought “Well, those city mini’s are inexpensive so I could just pick it up if I really like it!” But after thinking about it a bit longer I realized that I might just be able to recreate the look with what I already have in my stash.

Since it is quite warm toned, I started with my Alamar cosmetics palette.


I decided what I wanted to do was an all matte look. So, I used Coco-taxi as a transition, tropico in my crease, and guantanamera on the outer V of my eye. Then I did a half cut crease because I wanted a nice bright yellow matte on the mobile lid. I have, in my stash, Vanessa’s Vanity shadow Tangy Dijon. I felt this would be a comparable color to the city mini and likely perform even better.

Under my eye I used coco taxi and guantanamera on the outer 1/3. I highlighted my inner corner with a light colored matte shadow from my white peach palette, though I did mix it with a sparkly white shade. Here’s what I ended up with:

This is, to date, my favorite eye look I’ve ever created. If I had to change anything, it would be using an even brighter yellow. But, it looks just lovely as is and it served the purpose of playing with a particular color story on a palette I do not own.

Guys, I feel the need to prepare you. Tomorrow’s hair is going to look a lot different than the photo above. I got it cut majorly and so there are no more soft gentle gibson tucks at this time.

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