3 Color Challenge week 9

I rolled for a new eye shadow this month and got a deep brown matte shadow from my Sydney Grace Taylor bundle. The matte is called Porch Swing (deep) and it is one that is very easy to incorporate into looks as an outer corner deep shade or in my crease. I did not take a photo of it, I figured you’d get the idea from the swatches.


So just to recap, we’ve got Tarte pro to go palette colorway hype, wet n wild shadow quad Lights Out, the browbone color, and then the sydney grace porch swing.

It’ll actually be harder to think out of the box with this combo, it’s neutral and pretty easy to come up with neutral looks for. As such, I went for a neutral look yesterday since I had to pick up a candidate, bring them to work, and then interview them later in the day.

So, I started with the pro to go palette. I used Drive as a transition shade and then Sydney Grace Porch Swing as a crease color. I added that a little on the outer V as well. Then I swept Hype all over the mobile lid. I used the wet n wild browbone color as an inner corner highlight. On the lower lashline I used drive and porch swing at the outer edge. That’s it! Very neutral, not very intense, very wearable.

Oh right, and that’s the new hair. Quite the dramatic change, right? Well, I’ll tell you what. It’s been very well received in my offline life and I am thrilled to be wearing something that is nice and cool and comfortable this time of year! It’s a very welcome change! And so far, it’s been easy, despite the fact that short hair requires actual styling on the regular. (It doesn’t require sitting around and making a long french braid or two, or trying to manage a nice updo to keep things under control during the work day. Nor does it fall in my food when I try to eat, and I no longer have a ponytail falling into my sink when I try to wash my face. So, the payoff is pretty sweet!)