The Newest Start

For our last vacation, I chose a fantastic mindless knitting project, the holey square shawl. It worked out great! I knit on it on the plane and I knit on it every time we were trying to cool off in our hotel or air b&b. By the time I returned home I had a great start on it and I just kept after it until the project was completed. I could have saved it for the next vacation, but I was too enthusiastic about it to do so.

Currently, I am working on that mitered square scarf, but I am 2/3 of the way through and boredy bored bored with it. I mean, it looks great, but I am struggling to create even one square an evening right now. I really needed a new project! I mean, my work project, another Christmas stocking, is equally boring to me right now and so I am just on the struggle bus with my knitting.

The heat doesn’t help either. We are right in the midst of over 100 temps with extremely high humidity. I can’t walk the dogs in the evening because the pavement is too hot. This leaves everyone in the house a little on edge and bored and annoyed.

So, I decided to work out what my next easy and mindless knitting project would be. I ended up choosing the Prisma Loop, a very easy pattern indeed. It might be almost too easy, but during this heat and the associated annoyances, too easy may be just right. Once the heat breaks (Saturday) hopefully I can get back to finishing up the mitered square scarf, leaving this boring project as upcoming vacation knitting.

In any case, let’s look at some handspun garter stripes!


Oh yeah, even my photos are boring. I just took this on my lap this morning. All the shades are closed so that we keep out as much of the sun as possible, and even if they were open, it’d be dark as there were storms all around us. Storms that did nothing to break the heat.

Enough complaining. The colored yarn is handspun that Miss Marja created and the natural yarn is handspun I created out of flick carded locks. I think they pair very nicely together. The colored handspun has areas of turquoise and areas of purple and I can’t wait to get into those a bit to see how they look with the natural colored solid! The color changes alone should keep my interest quite well as I work on this project.

But this evening? This evening I really need to get down to business and do all the house chores I’ve been avoiding, using the heat as an excuse to not get things done. If I do them tonight, I’ll feel less guilty about outside time once that heat finally does break!

3 thoughts on “The Newest Start

  1. I love your garter stripes. You know me and garter often fail together!!! I remember when the heat prevented us from walking Huck and it made us all kind of goofy. We usually waited until dark, but then the skunks would be out. Thankfully it was never for too many days in a row!

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