Starts and Updates

I admit it’s been nice to feel no pressure about posting a makeup look today. Two weeks off is welcome, though it may also mean fewer posts from me.

I have been chugging along on my garter stripey cowl, too much so really. Meaning, I don’t want to overdo it! I wanted this project to last me during my entire vacation. But I doubt that’ll be the case. Because here’s where I am already on it.


It’s pretty and stripey and I am really enjoying it!

But, because this was going too quickly, I started another project. I wanted another something relatively mindless but with enough interest to keep me occupied beyond garter stripes.


So, I chose a gradient handspun from my stash and began a nice big stole with it. The color is really off in this photo. The bottom is far more of a pink color than it is showing on my monitor. I blame the 6:30 am light. Hopefully, the next update photo will have a better color situation going on.

I did also finish a project yesterday. The mitered square scarf became a mitered square cowl since I didn’t have enough yarn to make it scarf length. I actually think the cowl style fits the project well. That’s blocking and I’ll likely be able to show it off tomorrow.

In other news, we are busy prepping for vacation. It’s odd just how much work that ends up being! The sitter situations are worked out for the dogs, though there’s still drop off to do. I spent a good long time yesterday going out to get their foods and treats and a toy for Lizzie. I packed their bags. I need to put together a document that explains Lizzie’s complicated meals. And, when I stated to Mr. Ink that the sitters were willing to deal with her eye meds, he informed me that we don’t have much in the way of eye meds left, so now I have to squeeze in a trip across town at lunchtime today to get more eye meds.

In the midst of all the prep though I decided the basil desperately needed harvesting. So, I got some supplies for pesto and made 6 batches of that to freeze (and eat for dinner!) We’ll have a few more harvests before the end of the season, but it was nice to get one done so that basil can experience new growth.

Tonight is a myriad of little things to get done, but hopefully, it’ll all go smoothly and I’ll stay motivated!