A Finished Object

I finished that mitered square scarf that I ended up making into a cowl. This is out of Marja’s handspun yarn. The yarn was chain plied and was created with multiple different colored batts. So, the colors change but do so rather abruptly. But, each color looks nice with the colors near it. I took two photos of the cowl, one for each side, so you could see all the colors. I also offset the cowl in one photo so you can see all the colors playing together.

I have already decided that this cowl will be going to Rose’s foster mom. They are caring for her while we are on vacation again, and it’s so perfect and lovely to have a place for her to go while we are out of town. A place she trusts and loves, which is kind of a hard thing to find for an anxious dog. There’s another scarf as well that she’s “liked” on my FB page, so I’ll bring that too. Hopefully, these will be acceptable forms of “payment” since they won’t take cash. (We are Sooooooo grateful to know them for so many reasons, and this is one of those reasons!)

That’s it from here for now! Oh-and as a side note, this puts me at 60% of my yearly goal of 40 projects. Not too shabby!