A Day for the Dogs

Saturday was a day for rescue dogs, Sunday was a day for our dogs. More specifically Rose, because Lizzie’s foot is much better, but we didn’t want to aggravate whatever injury she had by making her walk around for a couple hours on concrete. She’s not limping at all, which is a great relief, but the last time we tried to push her back into activities it went south pretty fast.

Yesterday was the day which we could take our dogs to the pool. It’s a very well attended event, quite nutty! Dogs everywhere having a great time. Last year we took Rose and it was her first big outing with us. We caught a glimpse of the dog she would become in our home, as she was very playful and running around. But almost a year later, she owned that event! She ran and ran and ran like a maniac.

But, this year, much like last year, she did not want to get in the water. New situations are a place where Rose still gets tripped up by her nerves. Once she’d had a good 45 minutes of running and playing, we finally forced the issue, knowing she’d love the water if she just tried it. We got her in the water on leash.


I kind of had to shove her in. But, once she was in, that tucked fearful tail rose and began to wag faster and faster! Pretty soon she was running through it on her own!


Then, she even went for a full-on swim more than once! She’s not scared anymore!

We also took Miss Butterfly, her best friend, and her best friend’s dog. I captured this photo of the little dog having a great time enjoying the air on his face!


He was hilarious, every time Mr. Ink slowed down, the dog would start to whine really loudly. Faster, FASTER! this dog kept insisting!

It was a pretty good day. Busy, but good!

A Weekend Roadtrip

This weekend brought me on the road again. This time for an entirely different purpose from last week’s midweek road trip. I have been wanting to do a rescue dog transport for a long time, but as is often the case for me, I avoided doing it because I had never done it before.

Well, last week when the opportunity presented itself, I thought “Why not? I can totally do this.” And I agreed to it. Originally I was to go pick up one hound girl. But, after about 24 hours the rescue arranged for me to pick up a total of 3 dogs instead of just one. The more the merrier I guess, I mean, the other two were going to need transport anyhow, so it’s nicely efficient for it to have worked out that I could pick them up.

Having never done a dog transport before, I thought about all the ways that could go pear-shaped. And then thought about all the ways I could mitigate that. I borrowed two kennels from the rescue. Then, I got down to business creating a “go bag.” Since I had limited time, I wasn’t able to put everything in it I wanted to. But, I put a portable water bowl and some bottles of water, extra leashes, and collars in various sizes, one harness and a seatbelt attachment, rag towels, rags that can be disposed of, plastic bags to contain messes, and disposable gloves to clean messes. I also added a tiny bag of treats. While I don’t want to feed new to the rescue dogs treats because their dietary issues are unknown, I figured if we had an escapee (heaven forbid) I would have something on hand to lure them back. I also threw in a toy just in case. My go bag all ready to go:


I knew that there were other things that would be ideal in that go-bag, and I will get those things in the upcoming weeks, but this is what I could do for short notice. I figured it might be overkill, but on the off chance it wasn’t, I wanted to be prepared. In the future, I plan to pick up some slip lead leashes in various sizes, and a couple simple to adjust harnesses in various sizes as well to use with the seatbelt harness.

Miss Butterfly, once she heard what I was doing, decided she wanted to go too.  I was glad for the company and extra glad to know that I had an extra set of hands and eyes on the road.

Transports for our rescue are typically done relay-style, so my job was to drive south about an hour and a half to meet the other transport driver in a restaurant parking lot. We decided we would leave early enough to have lunch, so that’s what we did. We ate and kept an eye out for the other transport driver. She was earlier than we expected.

We were picking up 3 dogs. One a little 12-pound italian greyhound. Turns out he’s very skinny and definitely should be more than 12 pounds. He found the other dogs a bit irritating and he was a timid thing, so I chose to put him in a kennel.


Really cute little guy! There was a toy in that kennel, and we heard him squeaking it, so despite being unable to see him, we knew he was doing just fine.

The second dog, a GSD mix puppy who looks more GSD than mix! This guy I figured Miss Butterfly would want to hold, and I was correct.


In this photo, he’s wearing one of Rose’s collars, a medium-sized collar, adjusted down to the smallest size possible. He fits it perfectly. He wasn’t a particularly small puppy. Young, but he’s going to be a big boy!

And then there was the girl who we originally agreed to go get. Billed to our rescue as a 2 yr old redbone coonhound, I was eager to go get her because I love the hounds! They are so pretty! She’d been kenneled in a large kennel with the other transport driver. That driver rolled down her windows so that the car would stay cool as we transferred the dogs one by one. Well, this hound girl had managed to get the back side of her kennel open (there wasn’t a door.) and wedge herself out the little opening and out the partially opened window. I went over to her and she absolutely launched herself into my arms. She was a VERY busy and very skinny girl. And I knew right away that throwing her in the back seat without something to contain her was going to be a really bad idea. So, thankfully Lizzie is barrel-chested, I had Lizzie’s harness with me. I put this skinny big hound in Lizzie’s harness and hooked her up with the leash attachment. I had to do a few adjustments before I got it to the perfect length for her not to decide to come up front.

Isn’t she pretty? I also looked at her and thought “Well, she looks a lot more bloodhound than coonhound. But she’s not very big!”

Miss Butterfly, at one point, put her seat way back with the puppy on top of her and immediately started getting licked by both the hound girl and the puppy. I caught a photo.


Once everyone was secure we were able to message the rescue with our ETA and then since I know the hound girl’s foster mom, we messaged her some preview photos. Then we were off!

The trip was literally so uneventful. Meaning, all those things I’d prepared for just didn’t happen. There was no poo, no puking, no peeing, no howling, no growling (except when the hound would try to check out the mini greyhound’s kennel) and no issues whatsoever. A perfect first transport. Miss Butterfly and I both LOVED it. We are so eager to do it again!

Once at the rescue, we stuck around to let the dogs play in the yard. The rescue owner took one look at the hound and said: “Yeah, that’s not a 2 yr old coonhound, that’s a 9-month-old bloodhound.” Which would explain so much. She was big and uncoordinated and loping and puppy-like in every way. Very playful and confident. She’ll do great in rescue. As will the other two! But of course, the hounds have my heart.

So that’s the story of my first road trip dog transport. I hope to have more of these posts in the future, and I also hope that they are all equally uneventful. I doubt that’ll be the case, but I can hope! In the meantime, I’ll collect the rest of the gear I feel I need for our go-bag as I get to the pet stores for food, and keep thinking about what else might be useful in it. The go-bag is now sitting, full, in my craft room as a testament to one more hobby I have taken up, volunteering for rescues.


A Midweek Roadtrip

Mr. Ink and I decided to travel to Des Moines on Wednesday afternoon for a Chris Isaak concert. The concert took place in the Hoyt Sherman theater, which is attached to a mansion turned museum/art gallery. We had no idea this would be the case when we went, and it was a lovely venue!

Prior to the show, we were able to wander the mansion where I happened across this small behind glass display of the most fantastic beaded handbags. I could find no information card about them, but I took photos anyhow because they were spectacular.

I did snap a photo of the theater too before the show:


Mr. Ink got us seats in the balcony. As for the concert itself, it was fantastic. We’ve seen him in concert before and loved it. It’s a true, old fashioned, 50s style western rock show complete with sequined suits, cowboy boots, pompadours and slicked-back hair, a little bit of box step, crooning, falsetto, great music, great voices, and a whole bunch of dad jokes. Definitely worth the midweek road trip.

Brights Day 5

I am so enjoying my little challenge. Getting to know some lipsticks I rarely wear is such a great experience. Add to that my little challenge of simpler and more neutral eye looks, and I am just having a great week! To top off the week, tonight is hair cut night and I am thrilled!

Today’s bright is a bit out of order because I just don’t feel like wearing a drying liquid lipstick. Today’s selection is Trestique lip glaze in mumbai magenta. It’s a nice moisturizing and slightly sheer formula, exactly the type of product I really go for.


While it is bright, it doesn’t seem overwhelmingly bright like some of the previous lip products this week. It’s also extremely easy to wear. This product is a mini, I think I got it in an ipsy bag. So, I think this one is going to end up in a project pan next spring/summer. I don’t think it would take any time at all to pan, and I’d enjoy every moment of it while I was at it. I also don’t think it would take long, there’s just not much product in it.

That’s it for this week, we’ll see what next week brings!


Brights Day 4

Today’s bright lip is Ofra’s Santorini. I received this in a subscription box some time ago and have never worn it. However, I love ofra’s liquid lipstick formula, so I knew that part wouldn’t be a problem. The problem I had was with the description. It’s described as a berry pink with a metallic finish. That doesn’t immediately pique my interest, so I never bothered to put it on. Until now.


This is a little darker than yesterday’s fearless fuschia color. It also has a subtle iridescence. It does not come across as metallic at all. This is absolutely for the best according to me. It almost looks like it has a bit of a color shift going on, the iridescence is blue and lends a very interesting look to the lips. To be honest, this isn’t ofra’s best formula, it’s a bit sheer. But, it does mimic the comfort of their regular liquid lip formula, which makes me happy.

Today I just want to give a shout out to my mac pro longwear foundation. The color I am using is NW18 which is dark for me unless quite tanned. I haven’t been able to find pro longwear foundation in the color that most works for me on a winter skin day. But, I put the foundation on at 5:30 in the morning yesterday, I was out all day at work and then a road trip to see a concert, and didn’t get home until midnight. That foundation looked almost as good at midnight as it did when I put it on in the morning. I could not believe it! I did blot after work, but I did not add powder, just a setting spray. I ate meals, I wiped my nose, I didn’t coddle the foundation at all. And it still looked fantastic. It’s clearly the perfect foundation for me. (I did wear becca ever matte primer underneath in my t-zone, which I do think helps in the summer, and, it was not a hot day so that helped.)

That’s it for today. One more hot pink tomorrow and then we begin to work our way through slightly darker berry tones next week. I am looking forward to it!

Brights Day 3

It’s another day, another bright lipstick.

Just before we move on to today, let’s talk about yesterday’s e.l.f. liquid lipstick. I thought I liked it and would keep it, but by noon it was flaking off and falling on my chin. I don’t like drying matte liquid lipsticks enough to keep them if they don’t perform perfectly. So, that one got discussed with Miss Butterfly who said she didn’t want it back, and she didn’t think any of her friends would want it either. I am free to toss it, so it went in the beauty balance bin.

Today’s choice is L’Oreal infallible lip paints in fearless fuschia. This is a color I purchased because I like hot pink. I wore it a bunch at the beginning of summer 2018. And then didn’t touch it again because I got distracted by all the incoming lip products in my collection. Also, hot pink is not a color that screams fall/winter, you know? I don’t typically feel like I need to change the colors I use according to the season, but something about hot pink just screams late spring/summer.


How do I feel about this lipstick? I really like it. I love that it doesn’t dry down, it’s more of a lipstick lipstick than a liquid lipstick. A lipstick bordering on a highly pigmented gloss, just not as glossy and thick. I like it quite a lot and it will definitely be staying in my collection for now. The biggest complaint is that it gives me a slight sore throat like many lipsticks tend to do. So, if that becomes intolerable, or if I find a better solution during my bright lipstick wearing challenge, I may reconsider.

Here’s a funny story to add to today’s post. I am still doing that two eyeshadow look I discussed yesterday and really loving it. Well, I ended up getting up super early this morning. I was a bit annoyed at this because I have a VERY long day today and will be busy late into the evening. I wanted to get as much sleep as possible but that just didn’t happen for me. So I decided I’d be productive with my extra time instead. I did my makeup and hair, got dressed, cleaned the kitchen and got a load of dishes started, dealt with the dogs’ morning routine, packed for lunch, etc. It was one of those mornings where despite waking up early I ended up running a bit late because I was trying to fit in all the things. I kept catching a glimpse of myself in the mirror and thinking “I love this eyeshadow look but man do my eyes look small and weird!” About halfway to work, I figured it out, I’d completely forgotten to put on mascara. And I am not at all joking when I say I stopped at a drugstore on the way to work to pick up mascara to keep at work for days like this! I totally did that.

My Brights Challenge

I guess I had a lovely weekend playing in my makeup stash, because after I pulled out all the bright lipsticks and decided to use them for two weeks straight, I ended up pulling out eyeshadows to mess around with for two weeks straight. More specifically, I decided I wanted to do my easy look. It’s one I often use when I am in a rush and haven’t the time to spend on makeup as I usually would. Typically I do the look using a colourpop supershock shadow, but I realized that I can also do the look with other single shadows in my collection.

A quick overview of the look-I just use a bronzer, preferably a matte bronzer, in my crease and under my lower lash line. Then, I pop the color on the lid and call it good. It always comes out looking so pulled together while still being an extremely fast look. I love it. But I’ve never tried it with plain shimmers in my collection, I’ve always just done this with supershock shadows.

Knowing that I was looking at 2 weeks of bright lip looks, I figured I’d pull out two weeks worth of shimmery singles in my collection that are fairly neutral and just do this for 2 weeks straight.

For reference, here are the swatches and lipsticks. (Save for one ofra liquid lip I failed to put in the photo. )

Day 1:

The lip color is Lancome Absolue lip lacquer. The color is a bright berry-toned red. Miss Butterfly brought me this lipstick from a friend’s stash. None of them thought they’d have any interest in wearing such a bright color. That bright a color on Miss Butterfly or her friend would not be typical. I tried it once around the house but never got around to wearing it out of the house.

With this one, I did use a red lip liner as I assumed that the color would bleed. The product needs a lot of building to get it to have coverage. I love how it continues to look very shiny. It stayed nicely for half the day and then I began to see a bit of bleeding outside the lip lines. That did not increase throughout the day. I will say that I am amazed at how shiny this product stays no matter what I do to it. Lacquer is absolutely the correct description for it. I think I would truly appreciate this formula in a more nude color. However, I would not purchase it, as it’s just too expensive. Also, it takes 3-4 layers to get it to not look streaky, and even then, it can settle a bit and then the lip lines don’t have color in them at all, causing yet another application to smooth that out. So, it’s a formula that can need a bit of babysitting, at least upon initial application.


Overall, it’s not my favorite formula but I’ll keep it for now.

Day 2:

e.l.f. collab with Christian Siriano. This is a matte liquid lip in the color fuschia. This is one of those solid dry down liquid lipsticks that look cruddy until they dry. So, during application, I am all hating life and then if I just let it set I realize it looks great. I am really digging this color, it’s a good hot pink and I love a hot pink lip. I really imagined that this one, which I got from Miss Butterfly and never wore, would be something I’d declutter. Not so. This is a definite “stay in my collection because I need this in my life” lipstick. Despite the fact that I don’t actually wear a hot pink lip often.


So, after 2 days of this challenge, I am not actually removing anything from my collection despite having hoped that I would! I guess what I really know is that I do not need any MORE super bright colors in my collection, but I think that isn’t new news for me.

I’ll keep posting these and trying to keep up on them as I have time rather than saving them for one long post.