August Beauty Balance Finale

It isn’t actually the end of August yet, but I believe I can wrap up my beauty balance in this post.

First of all, I did place an order. Here’s the thing, despite wanting to stay beauty balanced each month, more things leaving than arriving, I have also stated that the one thing I won’t quit purchasing are eyeshadow palettes. My reality, and passion for makeup, lies there. It’s like a lovely yarn stash, having a variety sparks creativity.

So, I got a tiny palette I’ve been craving since it appeared on the scene some time ago now. It’s the viseart petite pro 5 soleil. The color story of this palette is so rich and expressive and I am so excited to use it.


Naturally, it came with samples. So, that’s another 4, making me off balance by 9.

No matter. I have been working through my stash this month. I am working on decluttering some things that I don’t need or want. Some go to Miss Butterfly, some to her friend who loves makeup but doesn’t have a mom who is participating in it. Of course, I’ve also got empties.


Let’s go over the empties really quick first. I finished a fancy shampoo for my itchy pre-cut hair which never helped in the end. I finished a tiny sample of mattifying face primer from smith & cult. This was weird and black. It worked. I wouldn’t purchase it. I like my becca ever matte better. I finished an eyeshadow I was using to set my eye primer, it was from morphe. I finished a perfume sample, Marc Jacobs Daisy eau so fresh. This had zero lasting power on me, while the scent was nice it didn’t stick. And, I finished an AOA studios tinted brow gel. I liked it quite a lot and for a buck, it was entirely worth it. I’ll probably repurchase once I work through other things in my collection.

Now on to the declutters. Miss Marja gave me the burt’s bees lippie, but I don’t love it so I’ll pass it along. There are three little eyeshadows I am decluttering. Each has been fairly well-loved by Miss Butterfly and me. Nice dips in each of them. But, I wore each of them recently, swatched them by colors I have in palettes, and identified that I don’t need these in my collection. I also have a morphe gel liner that I want to remove and then a perfume sample, Lancome la vie est belle, that every time I open I realize I just really dislike. I must have some odd association with this one as it just brings up unpleasant feelings. So, that goes too.

That’s 11 products out. 2 over what came in this month. So we are balanced.

I, of course, have an upcoming project pan update for this weekend. But, I was thinking that I might also do a post about subscription boxes. I would kind of like to round up the products I still have that I received in subscription boxes and really truly love. And then discuss some observations from my year of subscription boxes and how I feel about what I received. Maybe this weekend, maybe next week, not quite sure yet. But, I think it may be a worthwhile post.

My Finished Object

Way back when, I spun a very pretty batt called Dreaming of Tomatoes into a gradient laceweight single. It was so appropriately named and pretty that I didn’t have a project for it.

But, after spinning a different laceweight single into a holey square shawl, I figured I wanted to do a holey square scarf. And so I did, because it was the perfect knit for a person who does not have the brain energy to commit to a fancy pattern.


I love it! I love the gradient, I love the handspun, I love the deconstructed look of it, and I think it’ll serve me very well this winter.

I am still not done working with laceweight singles, so I wound up another laceweight singles yarn and will find an appropriate pattern for it shortly.

In my challenge of finishing 40 projects this year, I am 68% there with this finish.

Slow Time

It seems like as of right now, I am crafting in slow time. Work is ridiculously busy. I am regularly exhausted once I get home. Over the weekend I ended up sleeping in both mornings until 7, which is really unheard of for me. And still going to bed at 9:30 every night. Miss Lizzie got 7 teeth pulled on Friday, Miss Butterfly and I were both fighting a cold, all three humans in the house are fighting seasonal allergies, and sweet Rosie dog ran blisters into her front paw pads on Thursday evening, so even she wasn’t feeling up to her usual antics.

I did a lot of reading. I watched weaving instructional videos. I hung out with Miss Marja. I played with makeup. We hosted a game night. But, I did not get to start a weaving project, and I did not do much crafting in general. Though I did finish a project which is currently blocking on the craft room bed.

Once I finished that project, I didn’t have any castonitis. I wound up some yarn for another project but still didn’t want to choose a pattern or cast on. I DO know that right now I am super into knitting with laceweight handspun singles, so there’s that. But, at the same time, I don’t really want to knit.

So, didn’t feel like knitting, didn’t have the brainpower to attempt any weaving. Didn’t feel like hauling out my wheel even though there’s a half-done project on it. What comes next?

Spindle spinning.


I grabbed some batts I created on my drum carder and began spinning them on support spindles. It’s easy, my feet can be up, it takes almost no brainpower, and I can listen to Miss Butterfly chat about her school day and read me her essays and so on while still doing something that occupies my hands.

This weekend is a long weekend. I’ll be volunteering with our local dog rescue on the first day, but after that, I anticipate having some time that I can try my hand at weaving. I’d like to sort of carve out the entire weekend as weaving time. Blocks of time in which I concentrate on that. We will see if that actually happens, but that’s the current plan.

August Beauty Balance

I’ve got another beauty balance post before the finale. During the last post I expressed that I needed 3 items to leave my collection to be on balance.

And then I picked up two things at Ulta and received with it a whole load of samples. Seriously. A load.


I wanted to try a different mousse as the one I am using isn’t my fave. I will use it up, but I was absolutely not getting the results I wanted. And, I am quite close to finishing both of my eye creams which I am using simultaneously. So, I wanted to be sure to get a new eye cream. Not something I want to be out of.

Here’s my load of samples. One of them I did not count, it was dry shampoo I gave directly to Miss Butterfly. Here are the rest.


I think the majority of these samples I’ll have no trouble using. However, the mascara and the buxom lip paint are on the chopping block. I may let them go, we’ll see.

And then, I went to spend a little time with Miss Marja and she decluttered two items to me.


I think it’s likely that the lip item will stay with me, but the eyeshadow I’ll try, and if it doesn’t work for me it’ll go to Miss Butterfly.

So, that’s another 13 items in, making it a total of 16 items I need to move out of my collection to remain in balance. I am not there yet. But, I did do a little decluttering and finishing.


I’ve got 11 items leaving. I finished a FAB face cleanser that was lovely. I finished a Briogeo scalp revival that I don’t think did anything at all. I finished a sample of Mad Hippie vitamin A serum which I was unable to develop an opinion about. I finally decided my Laura Lee Party Animal palette I received in a boxy charm could leave. I hate the palette and if I want to use bright colors, I’ll use Miss Butterfly’s BH cosmetics take me back to brazil palette. I had 2 lip items from my brights challenge that I want to release from my collection, they’ll be going to Miss Butterfly’s friend along with the LL palette.

I finished a Coola sunscreen I got in a fab fit fun. I hated it, it pilled and balled under makeup and over moisturizer no matter what I did. I finished it by using it as a body sunscreen. I am moving 2 sample size dry shampoos to Miss Butterfly as using them isn’t necessary with short hair. One is almost finished anyhow. I finished more makeup remover wipes from Big Lots, I like them but I am trying to use fewer makeup wipes in general. And finally, I’ve got a hair spray that I purchased for Miss Butterfly a few years ago, it had a few sprays left and now it’s gone.

That means I still have to finish or declutter 5 more items this week. I’ve got two that I think are sure bets, and I pulled out a bunch of makeup that could be on my chopping block so I can see if I want to remove them from my collection. I’ll use those this week and make a decision by the end of the week.

So, I am not yet beauty balanced this month but I am feeling fairly confident that I can still get there.

Brights Finale

And this brings us to my last two days of my self inflicted bright lips challenge.

Yesterday I wore Beauty Creations matte liquid lipgloss. This is something I received in a boxycharm pretty early on in the time when I signed up. I wore it once and never again. I think we all know that matte liquid lipgloss is an oxymoron to begin with and the formulation is no better than the strangeness of the name.


I have to give it some credit for really sticking around. But, the reality is that it’s one of those flakey formulas that dries out the lips and simultaneously always feels sticky. It’s not something I have any interest in keeping in my collection. This one will find a new home. I think one of Miss Butterfly’s friends might like to have it.

And then there’s today, last day! Today I am wearing a NYX intense butter gloss. I panned a sample size intense butter gloss in a purple shade that I absolutely loved. I wished to find the same formula and color, but I did not find the proper color. Instead I picked up a very dark berry shade called spice cake. It’s got a purple tone to it, but it’s not the purple I was looking for. Because of this, I only wore it once since I purchased it. I rather wish I had just purchased an intense butter gloss in a more nude tone. So, I hauled it out for the last day of my little challenge.


I like it! I like it quite a lot. I really like the intense pigmentation paired with a really comfortable formula. I’d say this is similar to a liquid lipstick that doesn’t dry down rather than a gloss. It does try to creep out of the lip line a bit but I am trying to combat that with lip liner today. This is 100% staying in my collection and I may actually keep it at work for when I am feeling adventurous.

Also, we’ve finally reached the stage in my latest haircut where my hair actually does what I want it to do! What a relief. I am learning that post hair cut it takes about a week, and then I am in the clear for 4 weeks before the short sides get so long they annoy me and I need it cut again.

So, anyhow, next week I’ll be back to project pan lip products for the last week before my update. And back to regular eye looks, though it has been fun to do simplicity with my eye looks these past two weeks. But, I think perhaps in October I am going to do another little similar challenge where I wear all my exceedingly dark colors. Perhaps I’ll line that up to end on Haloween so I can wear my one black lipstick that day. Should be fun!

New Things

At the beginning of the year, I had an opportunity to get my hands on a very inexpensive floor loom. I know I talked about it on the blog at the time but I haven’t mentioned it much since. We picked it up, it needed to be taken apart to get it in the house, we put it in the back of the pickup truck, and then we put the pickup in the garage and left it that way due to snow. This was great, because when the snow melted, that was the point at which the basement flooded continually, and having the loom not in the basement was extremely fortunate.

Once the flooding seemed to be over and the weather warmed and the basement rearranged because we had no choice due to flooding, we moved the loom to the basement. But, I also knew that with a wedding to plan I wasn’t going to get to the loom any time soon. I didn’t. After the wedding there was still much to do, and as time went on, I thought about the loom but knew I wasn’t going to get to it. However, I did mention to Mr. Ink that I’d like to have it put together during the summer before the evenings get too dark. And there the loom sat, not put together.

Then, I did the dog transport which did end up being a pretty full day. I got home, and much to my surprise, Mr. Ink had decided to use my time away to surprise me by putting together the loom!


I need to move things around so we can move it entirely on the carpet, but it’s ready to go!

So, while this week has been extremely busy at work and I’ve had very little downtime in general, In that precious downtime, I’ve been watching weaving videos to refresh my memory and get me prepared for this new little adventure. I’m not totally green, as I have used a table loom a bit in the past. But, I am green to a floor loom and it’s been a few years since I wove on the table loom. I am hoping to get my first project started this weekend though, if all goes well. The weekend promises to be busy too, but I am trying to clear my Sunday as much as possible.

So, I guess to some extent, this is a bit of a teaser for what is to come.


August Beauty Balance

Earlier this month I was two items leaving over what entered my collection. I’ve been pretty bad at balancing my beauty this month. Or at least keeping up on the posts. Or really, both. I have brought a surprising amount into my collection actually.

Here are two snapshots of what I brought in this month. I decided that I hate soap brows. I hate that it is sticky forever when I do my brows with soap. I’ve decided it’s not for me. But, I also didn’t want to spend large amounts on a clear brow gel, so I picked up a L’oreal brow gel. The wand is sooooo tiny on this! I will probably try something else once this is used up, but for now I am happy.

I also HAD to pick up the Essence lash princess waterproof version. It’s great, in the sense it does all that the other lash princess mascaras do. And it doesn’t irritate my eyes. But-it transfers on my brow bone. Here’s the thing, my lashes touch my brow bone, and it must be oily enough to transfer even a waterproof mascara, because this happens with my clinique one too. But, in a much lighter capacity. So in the end, I need to just stick with the clinique one and call it good.

I ran out of hair mousse so I picked one up from Morrocan oil. And then it came with samples and perks, because that’s just what happens. One of those perks is the Ren calming facemask, I worked through one earlier in the year and adored it. So, I picked another one up.

Not pictured, but purchased-3 wet n wild eyeshadow singles in creme brulee for setting primer. And, one emergency waterproof drugstore mascara I bought on my way to work because I’d done a full face of makeup and forgot mascara. That will stay at work. So that’s 11 items into my collection over what has left it this month.

Let’s balance that a bit! Here’s what we have that we can get back on track a bit with:


My Moroccan Oil dry texture spray is a staple in my hair routine. It was a staple when my hair was long and it’s equally a staple now that it’s short. I will repurchase this. I am working through one from another brand, but I don’t like it nearly as much. I do have a Moroccan Oil back up in my collection.

The mousse is something I’ve had around for wayyyy too long! I purchased this back when my daughter was doing show choir. When I cut my hair, I figured I’d use this up before moving on to something else. There was a month’s worth of product in it, so I am glad I committed to that. I am currently using a higher-end brand but actually, don’t like it as much. So this could be a repurchase, we’ll see!

Skin & Co Face Gommage-this came in a subscription box. I did not love it. I used it. It did smell very nice, very gently almond. I wouldn’t purchase.

Below that is Laura Mercier translucent setting powder. I loved this! This controls oil very nicely. It’s part of my project pan and I am very sad to see it finished. I would repurchase but I’ve got a heck of a lot of other powder to get through first. I estimate it’ll be at least a year before I have to purchase setting powder.

The Murad retinol lasted me forever! It was my first retinol product and I slowly built up use. I used this every other day for months on end. I am a bit sad it’s gone! I got this in an add on sale for a subscription box. I have another retinol I’ll use up before I make a decision about what to try next or if I want to repurchase this one.

The e.l.f. liquid lipstick got discussed last week. Pretty and bright color, drying, flakes off the lips, layers terribly. Would not purchase.

I have a bite beauty agave lip mask. This is the original flavor and I like it best. I’ve got a couple of these in other flavors, but I don’t like them nearly as much. I would repurchase, but I gotta work through a bunch of others first.

Ellis Brooklyn Myth perfume sample. Scent was nice, but didn’t last. Would not purchase.

That’s 8 items leaving my collection. This means I’ve got to have 3 more out of my collection by the end of the month. I am awfully close on at least one cleanser, and with the Murad retinol gone, I can get a foil packet finished up. We shall see how it goes….