TeamProjectPan for July

I am a bit late due to vacation, but I am ready now to get my July project pan update posted. It was a quarterly refresh last month, so I had the opportunity to play with a few new things. That being said, I didn’t play with nearly as many as I would typically because I was on vacation for more than a week and not really wearing makeup.

As usual, let’s start with the sample fragrances.

I ended up using two of the tiny sample sizes over the past month. The second one never made it into a beauty balance for the month because I finished it on vacation and couldn’t be bothered to bring trash back with me. So, that’ll go in an August beauty balance along with the two sunscreens we used up. Anyhow, the second I used was Jo Malone Lime Basil & Mandarin. I loved it! The fragrance stayed all day, it was relatively unisex rather than being particularly floral, and it just was one that fit me well.

Up next, I was able to use a bit of the Becca ever matte primer, but not much. This is unsurprising, as it takes such a tiny bit of product to make a difference on the skin. More is not better in this case.

I got some of the It cosmetics cc cream worked through, but I am rolling it out as my beach vacation has me looking pretty dark. I am instead rolling in my darkest foundation shade, the Mac prolongwear foundation.

I finished up my cover FX powder, so I am rolling in my Laura Mercier powder sample. It’s not easy to see how much I have of it, so I could not mark it. I really enjoy this powder, it’s a great oily skin powder and I will probably work through it quickly this time of year.

I finished the glamglow supermud mask, and I am replacing that with the peter thomas roth exfoliating mask. There’s not much in there so it should be easy to use.

And finally, the Verb texture cream-I am getting far more use out of this than I imagined. If I don’t want to deal with my short hair in a full-on fix the look, this works great to give it a little texture and hold and I can let it air dry. I thought this would be a struggle to use up, but it doesn’t seem like it is going to be after all.

I did not take photos of the two palettes because the cream contour didn’t get used and the Too Faced natural face palette is getting used, but it doesn’t show a difference from the first photo. I’ll take a photo next month.

I finished the sample eye primer, so I am back to using the mac paint pot exclusively. I am pleased about that, I prefer it. A quick run through of the rest, I finished up a corner of the highlighter I am trying to pan, but this works best for lighter skin days, so it may not get a ton of use in the next month. I have worked quite a bit of the morphe eyeshadow I am using to set my primer away from the middle of the pan. I am still working on my bite beauty lip mask, moreso now that I had sunburned lips and am trying to treat them. I have used the nudestix lip color most of all, the nyx liquid lip not at all, and the hourglass one a tiny bit.

I added in my nyx lip pencil and used a tiny bit of it. I currently cannot find my MUFE lip pencil, so it’s fair to say that hasn’t changed since last month.

That’s about it. Though it’s Saturday and I hadn’t put on makeup at all for more than a week so I decided to play with makeup this morning. Just a simple look but I wanted to make sure my darkest foundation would work. It actually seems a bit light. But that’s good, I’ll be able to use it for awhile.


My skin has a lot of redness to it, but it isn’t burned. It should darken a bit still though. Also of note, the Laura Mercier powder does not work under my eyes, not at all. I appreciated the quiet opportunity to mess around with makeup as Miss Butterfly is hanging with her dad and Mr. Ink had to work this morning. It’s just me and the dogs, and they are snoozing.

That’s it for today. Hopefully, I’ll get another post up tomorrow morning. I am attempting to stay pretty relaxed and low-key this weekend, as I suspect that Monday back to work will be fairly brutal. But, I am also struggling with the post vacation weirdness where I don’t quite have a routine and don’t quite know what to do with myself. The dogs are suffering from the same!

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