2 Finished Objects This Week

While on vacation, I actually did not do much knitting. Not even on the airplane! I mostly did some reading. But, since I’ve been back and attempting to stay off my sore feet, I have gotten some done. I actually finished up two projects this week. Today I’ll showcase the first.


This is the Prisma Loop cowl. I used Miss Marja’s colorful handspun and paired it with my own natural handspun. I Looooove how this turned out! I had just enough of the natural yarn to finish up completely and I am so glad. I’d happily have used colorful yarn for the edging and I knew I’d have enough to do so, but I really wanted the natural color for the picot edging. This one is definitely staying in my stash for personal wear for now, I am eager to give it a go once the weather cools.

Next up is another stocking, but since it’s done but I haven’t woven in the ends, that’ll have to wait for another day.