August Beauty Balance

In July I left the beauty balance for the month without any type of finale. And that’s ok! We were on vacation, and by the time we got back it was August and I couldn’t be bothered. But, I can get us all squared away this month.

A couple of things to start us off, last month I had removed 3 eyeliners from my collection in hopes to give them to the girlfriend of my nephew in law. However, I never did get to see her on this trip. So, those 3 items came back with me. So, while I was balanced last month, I have 3 items back in my collection without even purchasing anything.

I also removed a few things from my collection. I don’t have photos because I really couldn’t be bothered to save my trash while on vacation. I went through 2 sunscreens on vacation. I also finished a sample size of Jo Malone fragrance. And, I gave a sample size of leave-in conditioner to Miss Butterfly. That’s one item leaving my collection over what entered.

I did make a purchase at the end of July that went unaccounted for as well. I purchased two CYO lifeproof foundations in 103. I had found out that CYO is going out of business, and I happened across some in a local drugstore. I’ve heard great things about the foundation, and it was buy one get one half price. The color match is perfection! I was tempted to go on a hunt for more until I realized two things. First of all, the foundation is a bit more on the dewy side than I like, especially this time of year. Second, while CYO is going out of business, Soap and Glory has come out with a foundation that is the same as CYO, since they are owned by the same company. While the Soap and Glory foundation is more expensive, it’s also available should I decide I need that CYO formula in my life.


So, that’s one item out of balance.


Here’s what is leaving my collection so far this month. I am giving the smashbox sample to Miss Butterfly. I already gave her a full size one when I decided I didn’t like it, and she does like it. No sense in forcing myself to use something I don’t enjoy just for the sake of using it.

I am also decluttering my Shop MissA paw paw sponge to Miss Butterfly. I just don’t love this sponge. It is Sooooo soft that it just seems to suck up all the product rather than moving it around on my face. I think it really wastes a lot of foundation and I’d prefer to use the other sponges in my collection. I currently have a beauty blender, a sonia kashuk sponge, and a couple of eco tools sponges. These are all preferable to the softness of the one I am decluttering to Miss Butterfly.

And finally, I am beginning a slow declutter of hair products to Miss Butterfly. I am about halfway through the conditioning hair treatment pictured above. When my hair was long I was using it as a conditioner. But with short hair, there’s no reason to have a heavy-duty conditioner in my rotation. In fact, I’d say it’s a detriment because I want my hair to have some height and volume, things which a conditioner in short hair works against. I have other conditioners and hair masks to give her, but I am going to do this one at a time. Reason being is that if she has an abundance of product, she doesn’t treat those products as precious. So, we’ll start with this one and once she’s used it up we’ll see what else she gets from my collection.

That leaves me with 2 items leaving my collection over what has entered it. I probably say this every month, but there’s nothing really on my radar right now that I need. Maybe hair product, I don’t know how long it’ll take to go through what I currently have. But for now, I am waiting to see how the month pans out. In any case, I’d like to really get a good month of empties this month before any upcoming fall sales events begin.


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