Goals and Updates

Hi all!

It’s been a bit and I haven’t brought back my 3 color challenge like I said I would for last week. I am just not feeling it. Which is fine! I enjoyed taking last week and just using various palettes in my collection each day and not worrying about taking photos of the look. While I had considered doing my 3 color challenge this upcoming week, I realized I still wasn’t up for it.

Yesterday I was messing around in my makeup collection. I was trying to get a really good handle on what I own, how much of each item, etc. I have come to the realization that I definitely don’t need more highlighters! I am eager to cross stuff off my lists as I whittle down my collection to something more manageable and not out of control. My collection can’t really be described as out of control, but it was growing in that direction and I want to make sure I don’t get there.

I pulled out some highlighters I haven’t been giving any attention to and added them to a pile so that I could get use out of them this week. These are highlighters that all require more tanned skin which is what I have now. So, I am going to give them a go, rather than just using that which is in my Too Faced Natural Face palette which also has highlighters that look good on my more tanned skin.

But really, that’s not the point of this post. I had been thinking about lip colors. You see, everything in my project pan right now is nude or leans toward orange. And I thought about how I really love a hot pink lip in the summer but I haven’t worn one at all this season. So then I listed out all my lip colors. (There are 45, but a ton of them are sample sizes, and I definitely haven’t felt a need to purchase lip colors recently.)

I pulled out all the hot pink and pink bold colors. And then all the other colors in that general tone. I’ve got 10 of them.


I swatched them. Then I took a photo of them:


Over the next two weeks, I am going to use one a day to see how the formulas are and what I think of each of them. I may even let go of some of them at the end of the two weeks. There are definitely ones in here that I have never worn. And if I have worn them, it’s like only once. I think I’ll actually try to go in order left to right, that way I can keep a handle on the order. Though I can already see that I am missing one, so I need to go back into my collection and find that.

In any case, it’ll be fun to try a new little challenge for myself since I am so easily bored and after a few months of the three color challenge, I am over it.

Other stuff, it has been a very busy weekend. Miss Butterfly and I ran a million errands yesterday. It’s amazing how the dogs know I always seem to pick something up for them while I am out because they mow me down trying to figure out what is in the bags I bring home!

One of the things I brought home was a new orthopedic kennel pad for Lizzie, and a cooling mat as well. Miss Lizzie has been exhibiting some arthritic tendencies. She limps when she gets up off the hardwood floor, her preferred dog bed. She doesn’t like dog beds. I put the orthopedic kennel mat in her kennel where she can’t really escape it. Then I used her thinner mat on the floor and put the water cooling mat over top of it. It has been going about as expected, she rarely uses it. Except when I am in my craft room. She loves to lay right next to my chair when I sit in the craft room. So I moved the cooling mat there, and it’s the first time she has used it for any length of time. I am hoping that she’ll get used to it when I place it there and begin using it in other parts of the house as well.


She’s a cutie! Even if she is showing many signs of her age already. I admit that part is kind of a bummer. Hopefully, we can mitigate some of those signs to the best of our ability and have her around for many years to come.

This morning I am listening to the rain which is so much needed that I want to cheer every time it really starts to pour. Did this mess up my plans for today? Absolutely. And I have no regrets about that whatsoever. We need this sooooo badly!

Hope you have had a lovely weekend!