My Brights Challenge

I guess I had a lovely weekend playing in my makeup stash, because after I pulled out all the bright lipsticks and decided to use them for two weeks straight, I ended up pulling out eyeshadows to mess around with for two weeks straight. More specifically, I decided I wanted to do my easy look. It’s one I often use when I am in a rush and haven’t the time to spend on makeup as I usually would. Typically I do the look using a colourpop supershock shadow, but I realized that I can also do the look with other single shadows in my collection.

A quick overview of the look-I just use a bronzer, preferably a matte bronzer, in my crease and under my lower lash line. Then, I pop the color on the lid and call it good. It always comes out looking so pulled together while still being an extremely fast look. I love it. But I’ve never tried it with plain shimmers in my collection, I’ve always just done this with supershock shadows.

Knowing that I was looking at 2 weeks of bright lip looks, I figured I’d pull out two weeks worth of shimmery singles in my collection that are fairly neutral and just do this for 2 weeks straight.

For reference, here are the swatches and lipsticks. (Save for one ofra liquid lip I failed to put in the photo. )

Day 1:

The lip color is Lancome Absolue lip lacquer. The color is a bright berry-toned red. Miss Butterfly brought me this lipstick from a friend’s stash. None of them thought they’d have any interest in wearing such a bright color. That bright a color on Miss Butterfly or her friend would not be typical. I tried it once around the house but never got around to wearing it out of the house.

With this one, I did use a red lip liner as I assumed that the color would bleed. The product needs a lot of building to get it to have coverage. I love how it continues to look very shiny. It stayed nicely for half the day and then I began to see a bit of bleeding outside the lip lines. That did not increase throughout the day. I will say that I am amazed at how shiny this product stays no matter what I do to it. Lacquer is absolutely the correct description for it. I think I would truly appreciate this formula in a more nude color. However, I would not purchase it, as it’s just too expensive. Also, it takes 3-4 layers to get it to not look streaky, and even then, it can settle a bit and then the lip lines don’t have color in them at all, causing yet another application to smooth that out. So, it’s a formula that can need a bit of babysitting, at least upon initial application.


Overall, it’s not my favorite formula but I’ll keep it for now.

Day 2:

e.l.f. collab with Christian Siriano. This is a matte liquid lip in the color fuschia. This is one of those solid dry down liquid lipsticks that look cruddy until they dry. So, during application, I am all hating life and then if I just let it set I realize it looks great. I am really digging this color, it’s a good hot pink and I love a hot pink lip. I really imagined that this one, which I got from Miss Butterfly and never wore, would be something I’d declutter. Not so. This is a definite “stay in my collection because I need this in my life” lipstick. Despite the fact that I don’t actually wear a hot pink lip often.


So, after 2 days of this challenge, I am not actually removing anything from my collection despite having hoped that I would! I guess what I really know is that I do not need any MORE super bright colors in my collection, but I think that isn’t new news for me.

I’ll keep posting these and trying to keep up on them as I have time rather than saving them for one long post.

2 thoughts on “My Brights Challenge

    • Thank you so much, I actually need a cut and some more hair product. I like it to really stick up, and it’s falling a bit flat. I really truly love short hair!

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