Brights Day 3

It’s another day, another bright lipstick.

Just before we move on to today, let’s talk about yesterday’s e.l.f. liquid lipstick. I thought I liked it and would keep it, but by noon it was flaking off and falling on my chin. I don’t like drying matte liquid lipsticks enough to keep them if they don’t perform perfectly. So, that one got discussed with Miss Butterfly who said she didn’t want it back, and she didn’t think any of her friends would want it either. I am free to toss it, so it went in the beauty balance bin.

Today’s choice is L’Oreal infallible lip paints in fearless fuschia. This is a color I purchased because I like hot pink. I wore it a bunch at the beginning of summer 2018. And then didn’t touch it again because I got distracted by all the incoming lip products in my collection. Also, hot pink is not a color that screams fall/winter, you know? I don’t typically feel like I need to change the colors I use according to the season, but something about hot pink just screams late spring/summer.


How do I feel about this lipstick? I really like it. I love that it doesn’t dry down, it’s more of a lipstick lipstick than a liquid lipstick. A lipstick bordering on a highly pigmented gloss, just not as glossy and thick. I like it quite a lot and it will definitely be staying in my collection for now. The biggest complaint is that it gives me a slight sore throat like many lipsticks tend to do. So, if that becomes intolerable, or if I find a better solution during my bright lipstick wearing challenge, I may reconsider.

Here’s a funny story to add to today’s post. I am still doing that two eyeshadow look I discussed yesterday and really loving it. Well, I ended up getting up super early this morning. I was a bit annoyed at this because I have a VERY long day today and will be busy late into the evening. I wanted to get as much sleep as possible but that just didn’t happen for me. So I decided I’d be productive with my extra time instead. I did my makeup and hair, got dressed, cleaned the kitchen and got a load of dishes started, dealt with the dogs’ morning routine, packed for lunch, etc. It was one of those mornings where despite waking up early I ended up running a bit late because I was trying to fit in all the things. I kept catching a glimpse of myself in the mirror and thinking “I love this eyeshadow look but man do my eyes look small and weird!” About halfway to work, I figured it out, I’d completely forgotten to put on mascara. And I am not at all joking when I say I stopped at a drugstore on the way to work to pick up mascara to keep at work for days like this! I totally did that.

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