Brights Day 4

Today’s bright lip is Ofra’s Santorini. I received this in a subscription box some time ago and have never worn it. However, I love ofra’s liquid lipstick formula, so I knew that part wouldn’t be a problem. The problem I had was with the description. It’s described as a berry pink with a metallic finish. That doesn’t immediately pique my interest, so I never bothered to put it on. Until now.


This is a little darker than yesterday’s fearless fuschia color. It also has a subtle iridescence. It does not come across as metallic at all. This is absolutely for the best according to me. It almost looks like it has a bit of a color shift going on, the iridescence is blue and lends a very interesting look to the lips. To be honest, this isn’t ofra’s best formula, it’s a bit sheer. But, it does mimic the comfort of their regular liquid lip formula, which makes me happy.

Today I just want to give a shout out to my mac pro longwear foundation. The color I am using is NW18 which is dark for me unless quite tanned. I haven’t been able to find pro longwear foundation in the color that most works for me on a winter skin day. But, I put the foundation on at 5:30 in the morning yesterday, I was out all day at work and then a road trip to see a concert, and didn’t get home until midnight. That foundation looked almost as good at midnight as it did when I put it on in the morning. I could not believe it! I did blot after work, but I did not add powder, just a setting spray. I ate meals, I wiped my nose, I didn’t coddle the foundation at all. And it still looked fantastic. It’s clearly the perfect foundation for me. (I did wear becca ever matte primer underneath in my t-zone, which I do think helps in the summer, and, it was not a hot day so that helped.)

That’s it for today. One more hot pink tomorrow and then we begin to work our way through slightly darker berry tones next week. I am looking forward to it!

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