A Midweek Roadtrip

Mr. Ink and I decided to travel to Des Moines on Wednesday afternoon for a Chris Isaak concert. The concert took place in the Hoyt Sherman theater, which is attached to a mansion turned museum/art gallery. We had no idea this would be the case when we went, and it was a lovely venue!

Prior to the show, we were able to wander the mansion where I happened across this small behind glass display of the most fantastic beaded handbags. I could find no information card about them, but I took photos anyhow because they were spectacular.

I did snap a photo of the theater too before the show:


Mr. Ink got us seats in the balcony. As for the concert itself, it was fantastic. We’ve seen him in concert before and loved it. It’s a true, old fashioned, 50s style western rock show complete with sequined suits, cowboy boots, pompadours and slicked-back hair, a little bit of box step, crooning, falsetto, great music, great voices, and a whole bunch of dad jokes. Definitely worth the midweek road trip.

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