A Day for the Dogs

Saturday was a day for rescue dogs, Sunday was a day for our dogs. More specifically Rose, because Lizzie’s foot is much better, but we didn’t want to aggravate whatever injury she had by making her walk around for a couple hours on concrete. She’s not limping at all, which is a great relief, but the last time we tried to push her back into activities it went south pretty fast.

Yesterday was the day which we could take our dogs to the pool. It’s a very well attended event, quite nutty! Dogs everywhere having a great time. Last year we took Rose and it was her first big outing with us. We caught a glimpse of the dog she would become in our home, as she was very playful and running around. But almost a year later, she owned that event! She ran and ran and ran like a maniac.

But, this year, much like last year, she did not want to get in the water. New situations are a place where Rose still gets tripped up by her nerves. Once she’d had a good 45 minutes of running and playing, we finally forced the issue, knowing she’d love the water if she just tried it. We got her in the water on leash.


I kind of had to shove her in. But, once she was in, that tucked fearful tail rose and began to wag faster and faster! Pretty soon she was running through it on her own!


Then, she even went for a full-on swim more than once! She’s not scared anymore!

We also took Miss Butterfly, her best friend, and her best friend’s dog. I captured this photo of the little dog having a great time enjoying the air on his face!


He was hilarious, every time Mr. Ink slowed down, the dog would start to whine really loudly. Faster, FASTER! this dog kept insisting!

It was a pretty good day. Busy, but good!