Brights Day 6 and 7

Let’s continue on this two-week bright lipstick journey, shall we?

For reference, these are the colors I am working with.

Yesterday I wore kat von d liquid lipstick in the color mother. It’s a nice matte raspberry shade that I received in a boxycharm. I have never worn it because upon receiving so many subscription boxes, I was kind of inundated with lip products for a time. Additionally, matte liquid lips aren’t my go-to formula. With the influx of lip items now at a standstill, it’s nice to get the opportunity to explore this one as well as the others I’ve never worn.


We are moving away from the hot pinks this week and into more berry tones but still bright and not at all “nude” lipsticks.

I am still doing my two-color bronzer and shimmer eye look but I admit it is beginning to bore me. I look forward to the point at which I get through all of those and can get back to creating more dramatic looks.

In any case, I am definitely keeping this lipstick in my collection. While I wouldn’t purchase more of them, both the formulation and color are good and I am happy with it.

Day 7:

Today’s lip look is Nyx liquid suede. I got this in my advent calendar last year. The color is Starstruck. This one is a deep berry that leans toward red.


How do I feel about this one? I think the liquid suede formula is ok. It dries down matte, but sometimes I feel like it stays a bit sticky. And I don’t think it’s a good one to layer. So, typically after lunch, I end up wiping it off and choosing something else. That has been the case when I use other liquid suede formula colors as well. So, I guess you could say that while I am perfectly ok with wearing what I have, I won’t be out there collecting more. Which is fair!

Just three more days of brights! Then I’ll be getting back to my project pan colors.

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