August Beauty Balance

Earlier this month I was two items leaving over what entered my collection. I’ve been pretty bad at balancing my beauty this month. Or at least keeping up on the posts. Or really, both. I have brought a surprising amount into my collection actually.

Here are two snapshots of what I brought in this month. I decided that I hate soap brows. I hate that it is sticky forever when I do my brows with soap. I’ve decided it’s not for me. But, I also didn’t want to spend large amounts on a clear brow gel, so I picked up a L’oreal brow gel. The wand is sooooo tiny on this! I will probably try something else once this is used up, but for now I am happy.

I also HAD to pick up the Essence lash princess waterproof version. It’s great, in the sense it does all that the other lash princess mascaras do. And it doesn’t irritate my eyes. But-it transfers on my brow bone. Here’s the thing, my lashes touch my brow bone, and it must be oily enough to transfer even a waterproof mascara, because this happens with my clinique one too. But, in a much lighter capacity. So in the end, I need to just stick with the clinique one and call it good.

I ran out of hair mousse so I picked one up from Morrocan oil. And then it came with samples and perks, because that’s just what happens. One of those perks is the Ren calming facemask, I worked through one earlier in the year and adored it. So, I picked another one up.

Not pictured, but purchased-3 wet n wild eyeshadow singles in creme brulee for setting primer. And, one emergency waterproof drugstore mascara I bought on my way to work because I’d done a full face of makeup and forgot mascara. That will stay at work. So that’s 11 items into my collection over what has left it this month.

Let’s balance that a bit! Here’s what we have that we can get back on track a bit with:


My Moroccan Oil dry texture spray is a staple in my hair routine. It was a staple when my hair was long and it’s equally a staple now that it’s short. I will repurchase this. I am working through one from another brand, but I don’t like it nearly as much. I do have a Moroccan Oil back up in my collection.

The mousse is something I’ve had around for wayyyy too long! I purchased this back when my daughter was doing show choir. When I cut my hair, I figured I’d use this up before moving on to something else. There was a month’s worth of product in it, so I am glad I committed to that. I am currently using a higher-end brand but actually, don’t like it as much. So this could be a repurchase, we’ll see!

Skin & Co Face Gommage-this came in a subscription box. I did not love it. I used it. It did smell very nice, very gently almond. I wouldn’t purchase.

Below that is Laura Mercier translucent setting powder. I loved this! This controls oil very nicely. It’s part of my project pan and I am very sad to see it finished. I would repurchase but I’ve got a heck of a lot of other powder to get through first. I estimate it’ll be at least a year before I have to purchase setting powder.

The Murad retinol lasted me forever! It was my first retinol product and I slowly built up use. I used this every other day for months on end. I am a bit sad it’s gone! I got this in an add on sale for a subscription box. I have another retinol I’ll use up before I make a decision about what to try next or if I want to repurchase this one.

The e.l.f. liquid lipstick got discussed last week. Pretty and bright color, drying, flakes off the lips, layers terribly. Would not purchase.

I have a bite beauty agave lip mask. This is the original flavor and I like it best. I’ve got a couple of these in other flavors, but I don’t like them nearly as much. I would repurchase, but I gotta work through a bunch of others first.

Ellis Brooklyn Myth perfume sample. Scent was nice, but didn’t last. Would not purchase.

That’s 8 items leaving my collection. This means I’ve got to have 3 more out of my collection by the end of the month. I am awfully close on at least one cleanser, and with the Murad retinol gone, I can get a foil packet finished up. We shall see how it goes….

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