Brights Finale

And this brings us to my last two days of my self inflicted bright lips challenge.

Yesterday I wore Beauty Creations matte liquid lipgloss. This is something I received in a boxycharm pretty early on in the time when I signed up. I wore it once and never again. I think we all know that matte liquid lipgloss is an oxymoron to begin with and the formulation is no better than the strangeness of the name.


I have to give it some credit for really sticking around. But, the reality is that it’s one of those flakey formulas that dries out the lips and simultaneously always feels sticky. It’s not something I have any interest in keeping in my collection. This one will find a new home. I think one of Miss Butterfly’s friends might like to have it.

And then there’s today, last day! Today I am wearing a NYX intense butter gloss. I panned a sample size intense butter gloss in a purple shade that I absolutely loved. I wished to find the same formula and color, but I did not find the proper color. Instead I picked up a very dark berry shade called spice cake. It’s got a purple tone to it, but it’s not the purple I was looking for. Because of this, I only wore it once since I purchased it. I rather wish I had just purchased an intense butter gloss in a more nude tone. So, I hauled it out for the last day of my little challenge.


I like it! I like it quite a lot. I really like the intense pigmentation paired with a really comfortable formula. I’d say this is similar to a liquid lipstick that doesn’t dry down rather than a gloss. It does try to creep out of the lip line a bit but I am trying to combat that with lip liner today. This is 100% staying in my collection and I may actually keep it at work for when I am feeling adventurous.

Also, we’ve finally reached the stage in my latest haircut where my hair actually does what I want it to do! What a relief. I am learning that post hair cut it takes about a week, and then I am in the clear for 4 weeks before the short sides get so long they annoy me and I need it cut again.

So, anyhow, next week I’ll be back to project pan lip products for the last week before my update. And back to regular eye looks, though it has been fun to do simplicity with my eye looks these past two weeks. But, I think perhaps in October I am going to do another little similar challenge where I wear all my exceedingly dark colors. Perhaps I’ll line that up to end on Haloween so I can wear my one black lipstick that day. Should be fun!