August Beauty Balance

I’ve got another beauty balance post before the finale. During the last post I expressed that I needed 3 items to leave my collection to be on balance.

And then I picked up two things at Ulta and received with it a whole load of samples. Seriously. A load.


I wanted to try a different mousse as the one I am using isn’t my fave. I will use it up, but I was absolutely not getting the results I wanted. And, I am quite close to finishing both of my eye creams which I am using simultaneously. So, I wanted to be sure to get a new eye cream. Not something I want to be out of.

Here’s my load of samples. One of them I did not count, it was dry shampoo I gave directly to Miss Butterfly. Here are the rest.


I think the majority of these samples I’ll have no trouble using. However, the mascara and the buxom lip paint are on the chopping block. I may let them go, we’ll see.

And then, I went to spend a little time with Miss Marja and she decluttered two items to me.


I think it’s likely that the lip item will stay with me, but the eyeshadow I’ll try, and if it doesn’t work for me it’ll go to Miss Butterfly.

So, that’s another 13 items in, making it a total of 16 items I need to move out of my collection to remain in balance. I am not there yet. But, I did do a little decluttering and finishing.


I’ve got 11 items leaving. I finished a FAB face cleanser that was lovely. I finished a Briogeo scalp revival that I don’t think did anything at all. I finished a sample of Mad Hippie vitamin A serum which I was unable to develop an opinion about. I finally decided my Laura Lee Party Animal palette I received in a boxy charm could leave. I hate the palette and if I want to use bright colors, I’ll use Miss Butterfly’s BH cosmetics take me back to brazil palette. I had 2 lip items from my brights challenge that I want to release from my collection, they’ll be going to Miss Butterfly’s friend along with the LL palette.

I finished a Coola sunscreen I got in a fab fit fun. I hated it, it pilled and balled under makeup and over moisturizer no matter what I did. I finished it by using it as a body sunscreen. I am moving 2 sample size dry shampoos to Miss Butterfly as using them isn’t necessary with short hair. One is almost finished anyhow. I finished more makeup remover wipes from Big Lots, I like them but I am trying to use fewer makeup wipes in general. And finally, I’ve got a hair spray that I purchased for Miss Butterfly a few years ago, it had a few sprays left and now it’s gone.

That means I still have to finish or declutter 5 more items this week. I’ve got two that I think are sure bets, and I pulled out a bunch of makeup that could be on my chopping block so I can see if I want to remove them from my collection. I’ll use those this week and make a decision by the end of the week.

So, I am not yet beauty balanced this month but I am feeling fairly confident that I can still get there.