Slow Time

It seems like as of right now, I am crafting in slow time. Work is ridiculously busy. I am regularly exhausted once I get home. Over the weekend I ended up sleeping in both mornings until 7, which is really unheard of for me. And still going to bed at 9:30 every night. Miss Lizzie got 7 teeth pulled on Friday, Miss Butterfly and I were both fighting a cold, all three humans in the house are fighting seasonal allergies, and sweet Rosie dog ran blisters into her front paw pads on Thursday evening, so even she wasn’t feeling up to her usual antics.

I did a lot of reading. I watched weaving instructional videos. I hung out with Miss Marja. I played with makeup. We hosted a game night. But, I did not get to start a weaving project, and I did not do much crafting in general. Though I did finish a project which is currently blocking on the craft room bed.

Once I finished that project, I didn’t have any castonitis. I wound up some yarn for another project but still didn’t want to choose a pattern or cast on. I DO know that right now I am super into knitting with laceweight handspun singles, so there’s that. But, at the same time, I don’t really want to knit.

So, didn’t feel like knitting, didn’t have the brainpower to attempt any weaving. Didn’t feel like hauling out my wheel even though there’s a half-done project on it. What comes next?

Spindle spinning.


I grabbed some batts I created on my drum carder and began spinning them on support spindles. It’s easy, my feet can be up, it takes almost no brainpower, and I can listen to Miss Butterfly chat about her school day and read me her essays and so on while still doing something that occupies my hands.

This weekend is a long weekend. I’ll be volunteering with our local dog rescue on the first day, but after that, I anticipate having some time that I can try my hand at weaving. I’d like to sort of carve out the entire weekend as weaving time. Blocks of time in which I concentrate on that. We will see if that actually happens, but that’s the current plan.