A Poor Picture

The rather poor and underlit photo is a reflection of my week and what I’ve been up to:


After the joy of spending time weaving this weekend, the week has not stacked up to be conducive for continuing. Work has been nutty, and that is going to be the situation indefinitely. We are having some massive changes going on, we are severely understaffed as a whole, and adding all that to an already full load makes for a bit of a rough work life.

Mr. Ink seems to be dealing with me by providing chocolate and margaritas on particularly bad days. Hah.

Two things about the weaving. First, I need a new drive band for my bobbin winder, which I ordered but it’s back-ordered and I don’t know when it will arrive. My bobbin winder makes an absolutely horrible noise without a properly sized drive band and I cannot deal with that simple frustration on top of everything else. Maybe I’ll be ok with it this weekend. I also needed some weights of some sort for the selvedge warp threads, but when I asked Mr. Ink if we had any nuts around to use as weights, he told me we did not. I wasn’t sure how this is possible! We have two garages and almost everything! But we don’t have random heavily weighted nuts. So, I did go to a hardware store for those yesterday. When I got home, Mr. Ink said: “Did you get the dowel you need for your loom as well?” Why no, no I did not, because I forgot I needed it. Argh!

I haven’t had the headspace to start a new knitting project. If I started one now, it would just be yet another holey square shawl because it’s easy knitting and a pattern I now know very well. So, I spun. In fact, I continued spinning on supported spindles until all the singles for that project were done. Then I needed the wheel for plying but I had a project on there I wasn’t done with, so I finished the singles to those, that’s the photo above, and now I am plying.

So, this week has been a week of spinning and going to bed early. I am hoping that the weekend shows me a little extra time. Unfortunately, this evening will be full of activities I don’t want to be doing and I am afraid Saturday evening is the same. My current favorite fantasy is time off in a cottage in the woods with nothing but my crafts surrounding me. No people. It’s a nice one, but not likely to happen any time soon.