Spinning and Stuff

Not sure what the stuff is, but I did finish some spinning.

This ended up being a heavy worsted 3 ply yarn. It’s Falkland wool. I am thinking this may make a really lovely hat, the color combo is really fall-like.


I am definitely in that mode of “fall is coming” and I am looking forward to cooler weather. So imagining knitting hats and then being able to wear them feels perfect right now. Not that I’ve been knitting lately.

As for the stuff. Let’s see. Took Miss Butterfly out to her camp so she could start volunteering again. Got to sleep in about an hour which is pretty good for me. Woke up to see that Lizzie’s ear seemed to be bothering her, so we had a surprise vet trip. Did some spinning, did some weaving, did some chores, basically it’s been a pretty normal weekend day so far. And I am definitely cool with that.


4 thoughts on “Spinning and Stuff

    • Good! I am done with my first scarf, but I don’t want to remove it without tying on the new warp. So, I just finished putting the new warp on the warping board and now I need to learn how to make all the little knots required of this new project.

      • I really struggle with warping, and everyone says the rigid heddles are easy. Sigh. I struggle to wind it onto the back beam with even tension. I need two more arms, at least one of which should be really long. 🥴

        Anyway, I look forward to seeing your scarf!

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