Repeat of Yesterday

Yesterday I posted a finished handspun yarn, and today I will do the same.

The thing is, this one is laveweight 2 ply as compared to yesterday’s heavy worsted 3 ply. Even so, I didn’t feel like this one took any more time than the last one.


This yarn was spun from batts I made myself.


It was last year in the late spring where I decided I really needed to work through a lot of my fiber stash and get it organized. I made a ton of batts, spun up a bunch of wool that needed spinning, and basically really consolidated my stash. Since then, I really haven’t looked at my stash much. Meaning, it really could do with another serious airing and seeing what I am willing to spin up or make into batts or whatever. But, this year was mostly devoted to knitting down the yarn stash, and I didn’t want to add a bunch of yarn to a stash I was trying to knit down.

Here’s the thing though-eventually I get bored. Really, I think it was the two christmas stockings that did me in. (I have another started but boy is it a struggle to work on it.) So, working on a little spinning and a little weaving is providing a necessary break. Because of this, my stash is going up a bit again.

The current stash count is 105 stashed yarns. I know this number will go up again by one because I purchased a cotton weaving yarn since I have very little to weave with. But, ideally, I will weave enough and knit enough to get this stash under 100, the original goal this year. To be perfectly fair, I am not completely positive how accurate my stash count is. I feel like there may be more hanging out in the stash that isn’t on record on Ravelry. But, it’s close and close is good enough until I get a serious desire to look at it a little more closely.

In any case, the stats on this new handspun are that I have 730 yards of laceweight 2 ply and I do like it quite a bit! Now I am going to go put it, and the yarn finished yesterday, into the yarn stash cabinet.

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