September Beauty Balance

When we last left off in August, I had two items leaving my collection over what entered it. It was a pretty tough month to balance overall.

This month has been an entirely different experience so far. It is solidly mid-September and I’ve had no reason to post a beauty balance post until today.


Just 4 things. I picked up two things during the 21 days of beauty sale. A vamp stamp-I will get this winged liner thing down someday. I am counting this as one item since the other two things in the kit are tools. I also picked up another take the day off balm during the sale.

The other two items are a glycolic acid toner and a lip scrub. The lip scrub is from AOA studios, Miss Butterfly wanted to place an order and I figured I could use another lip scrub in my life.

So, that’s 2 items entering over what left to begin this month’s balance.

But, this month has been truly fantastic for empties. Quite frankly, this is going to be an extremely full empties month.


The reason I picked up the take the day off balm and the toner was because I finished those up in my collection and needed to replace them.

The other stuff-The Amore Pacific exfoliating powder was fantastic, but it’s too pricey to purchase. The alpine water cream was nice. The small sample size that is unlabeled is Tatch silk canvas primer. I am glad I got a sample, it’s not the be all end all of primers for me. I finished up the PTR exfoliator and I finished an hourglass lipstick from my project pan. And finally, two items that are being decluttered to Miss Butterfly. One is a hand cream. I just do not like smelly hand creams. I always think I might, but I don’t like them. She can have it. And the lip gloss as well, I am happy with only one lipgloss in my collection, I’ve got a mac lipglass and that truly is all that I need.

So, at the end of this post, I am 7 items leaving above what entered. I know that there are a fair number of other items that are pretty close to being finished as well, so this won’t be the end of a really decent beauty balance month.

And that’s that! Stay tuned for the next one. I am really hoping I’ll have just one for the end of the month, I really haven’t got plans to bring in more items.