Finished Weaving

I finished another weaving project. As is typical, I learned a thing or two. First of all, calculate and then recalculate. On this one, I somehow managed to calculate my warp too short to accommodate the amount of weft I had available. I have about half the weft left over and I have a rather short scarf. It’s disappointing. Particularly disappointing because I had another ball of warp yarn available! So, instead of using up two stash yarns, I used half of two stash yarns. Ugh.


The scarf itself is awfully pretty. No regrets there!

I don’t have anything on the loom right now. I don’t even have anything on the warping board right now. I need to either pick out a pattern to work on, or choose another interesting yarn to use with a regular weave, or wait for new warp cotton yarn I have arriving next week. Not sure which I’ll end up choosing.

With this finished project, I am now at 73% of my goal of 40 projects this year. I currently have two pairs of socks, a stocking, and a part of a stole on the needles. I also have it in my head to make a few fun items that should knit up pretty fast. I am currently feeling good about that goal.

About the goal of under 100 stashed yarns? Not as good. I have brought in a few weaving cotton yarns that I need to get listed in stash. I’ve made great progress, and I really don’t think I have purchased yarns that I haven’t used immediately this year, and the weaving tends to eat stash quickly. But, often I’ll use a yarn that I can’t completely remove from stash since I didn’t use it ALL. Plus, there’s the influx when I do get around to spinning.

I do need to do another serious stash shake out, it’s always good to remove and rearrange to make sure I am remembering the things I have. I did do a craft room clean up recently so I’d have more room to do that shake out. But haven’t done the shake out yet. Perhaps today, if it rains.

In any case, this is what my crafting looks like today. 🙂

2 thoughts on “Finished Weaving

  1. The scarf is pretty! Doing all those calculations is tricky, I agree. But everything does teach a lesson, next time you will not make the same mistake! And as for leftovers, I am planning a crazy woven scarf or a scrap blanket. But so far I am just filling a basket!

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