If you think you are looking at a completed pair of socks, look a little closer. Can you spot the gauge problem? The sock on the bottom is at least an inch wider than the one on top.

I decided to complete the second more appropriately tensioned sock before picking the first sock back out, just for comparison purposes. These have the same number of stitches on the needles and I am using the same needle size. It’s simply a difference in tension and I have no clue how that happened. Yet here we are. I guess I’ll blame being way out of practice when it comes to sock knitting.

Right after I shot this photo I picked out the afterthought heel and then started knitting my third sock working straight from the first entirely too large sock.

I cleaned up my craft room quite a bit during the week. I still had a bunch of wedding-related stuff in there that really needed to be put away. There’s still a lot of wedding-related stuff in there because I don’t seem capable of putting away my dress. That’s neither here nor there. I found another in progress sock project, so I created the toe on that one and then started on the second sock. I am appreciating that I am close to finishing yet another project.

Then, this weekend, I pulled all my yarns off their shelves and reorganized. I did some dividing things up, I moved everything that would make great warp yarn into a new area so it would be easier to see what I have available and then pair it with basically anything in my stash for weft. I also did some general organization and it was time to toss the stash around for good measure anyhow. It’s wise to really dig in there and see what I have available rather than just trying to remember in my head. Sometimes great inspiration hits that way, like it did this weekend, with the idea of pairing two sock yarns together that I have just enough to create one full set of socks with both of those little skeins.

While there hasn’t been any weaving this weekend, there has been some solid crafting activities I’ve really appreciated!

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