When the Stars Align

Yesterday, while watching youtube, I’d noticed someone with a plain matte coral eyeshadow that I really liked. It looked like it was JUST one shadow all over the lid and then called done, though there could have been more depth than that. I wasn’t paying much attention. I just knew I liked the look.

So, I got to thinking about that look. I was thinking I could easily recreate it with the coral color in my ABH Sultry palette. But then I thought that I had a number of other coral and peach tones, and I could probably give it more depth than that.

Then I thought about how it might be fun to amp up the look a little with a different color under the eye or on the inner corner. So, I thought about an eyeliner I very recently bought. So recent that it hasn’t even made it into a beauty balance post. The liner is a light shimmery green, and I thought it might be perfect.

So, I sat down and spent a little time with my collection, swatching different peach and coral tones. Turns out, that’s a color I really enjoy and I have quite a few of them. I planned the look in my head and decided I’d create it if I had time the next morning.

This morning I woke up quite early. So, it turned out that I had more than enough time to try the look I’d created in my head. And, I liked it so much that I took photos this morning.

I started off with a light peach shade. I used Candied Peach out of the Too Faced Sweet Peach palette. I used this as a transition color. Then, I used Bloom from ABH Sultry palette as a transition color. I wanted a bit more shimmer on the lid, so I pulled out the viseart pro 5 soliel palette and used watermelon on the lid itself. Under my eye, I just usd a light dusting of Candied Peach, and then lined my under eye and inner corner with UD 24/7 eye pencil in freak. I wanted the inner corner to shimmer a bit more than it did, or rather, I wanted to lighten up the green a little bit more, so I went over the green with an icy white loose highlighter I have in my stash.

For the rest of my face, I used my Too Faced Natural Face palette and for my lips I used the Nudestix matte lip and cheek pencil I am trying to pan this month. It’s an orangey tone that leans somewhere toward a pink or a coral rather than a red, so it works quite well with the look.

It was fun to have a flash of creativity and then need to work out of 3 different palettes for one look. I will probably recreate this again in the future, I really like it! There’s something about Fridays that make me want to wear more creative or bold eye looks. To be honest, I don’t really shy away from them, to begin with, but on Fridays, they are a must. Like a tiny celebration of the upcoming weekend just for me.

This weekend I will be gathering and taking photos of my project pan items. We are moving into the final quarter of the year, so it’s time for a product refresh and I am seriously looking forward to getting those posts up. I’ll also get to do my final beauty balance post of this month, and while I did bring some items into my collection, I really have so many empties this month! I also have a number of them that are looking like they’ll finish up next month.


3 thoughts on “When the Stars Align

  1. I really like the coral and peach tones with your eyes , the really make them stand out . Also I had no idea there was a liner for Freak from Urban Decay . I have the eyeshadow that I use quite a bit . Might have to pick up the liner soon .

    • Thank you! I had no idea there was a freak eyeshadow, I’ll have to check that out. Being fairly new to makeup, I’ve missed a lot of the cult favorites and get to discover them now. The eyeliner is really very pretty though, highly recommend. It’s probably already my favorite eyeliner.

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