September Beauty Balance Finale

I just recently posted about what entered my collection this month. Today I get to tell you the rest of what left my collection this month. In the previous beauty balance post, I had one item leaving my collection over what came in.

This month was a very good one for empties in general. I finished a lot of items, and many of them rather large items.


This is 15 more items leaving my collection. So, total for the month is 16 items leaving over what entered it. Let’s do a little overview of the items. Left to right, top to bottom.

I use the Dr. Bronner’s soap to wash my brushes and sponges. I will need to repurchase this at some point, but it is not an immediate need.

The Coola setting spray is something I used up because I largely believe it’s an unnecessary item. I don’t think anyone is going to get particularly good sunscreen coverage out of a spray that goes on over makeup. But I used it.

The next three items have all been in my collection since April. I know this because I opened them all the month of my wedding. It’s the Lancome cils booster lash primer which I loved loved loved, the too faced better than sex mascara which I loved after the 3-month mark and the clinique waterproof mascara which I prefer over any other waterproof mascaras. It’s time to let them go, I’ve extended their life past what I should have for the guaranteed health of the eyes. And the cils booster and the waterproof mascara really are used up.

I have a milk makeup liner, the color was nude and I used it in my waterline very consistently. I am sad to see it go, it’s a very creamy liner and works so well! But I am replacing with a less expensive product.

Sol de Janero bum bum cream-to be honest, the scent of this is wonderful but also overpowering. On the plus side, it doesn’t feel like a scented product. It’s luscious. But I can’t tolerate the scent anywhere near my face. I used this on my legs after shaving, and that’s probably how I am going to have to use the other I have in my collection.

I have a clinique eye moisturizer that I liked but didn’t love. I probably won’t repurchase.

I have a belif aqua bomb, the gel kind. I love this moisturizer and was happy to use. Below that I also had the eye moisturizer which I love with all my heart and may very well repurchase in the future.

I also have a belif face cleanser which I liked fine but I have a million other cleansers so I won’t repurchase.

Then there’s my two fragrance samples, one is YSL black opium. I want to take a second to reflect on why this is probably such an iconic scent. Even when I didn’t know anything about makeup and fragrances, I knew at least the name of this one. Now that I’ve worn it a few times, I can see why it is iconic. It’s sweet and spicy all at once. It’s not overpowering, but it sticks around all day. It’s really a nice one to catch a scent of on my clothing or skin. I have a larger sample size and I am eager to use that too. But, I don’t think I’d purchase it despite how much I like it. It’s not overly heavy, but it can feel a bit heavy after a while. If nothing else, it kind of needs to be interspersed with other lighter scents, at least for me.

The other was a Dolce and Gabanna. Whatever it was, it was completely unremarkable to me. I think it didn’t really stick around long enough on me to form a good opinion of it.

I’ve got a sample of two becca primers. They count as one because they came together and I counted them as one entering my collection. Both of these I really like, and both of these I have actual travel sizes of. I would purchase full sizes, particularly of the purple one which I prefer, but I’ve got so many other primers to work through right now it’s just not necessary. Someday!

And finally a sachet of a retinol product. No opinions can be made of a retinol product I only get two uses out of.

So, that’s my September balance and it’s a good one! I think next month should be reasonably good as well. We shall see!

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