A New Challenge

Over the weekend I found myself tempted by new eyeshadow palettes. The new and shiny is always a temptation! And, I’ve got ulta points to spend. But I don’t need to spend them Right Now, I’d actually prefer to wait for a proper sale. Plus, if something holidayish comes out that I really like, it would be nice to get that instead. In fact, with us approaching November sales and so on, it’s really better to save my points until then.

The palettes which are tempting me right now are the ABH original Norvina (14 pan), the ABH Jackie Aina palette, and the Too Faced gingerbread spice palette. The original, not this year’s palette. There’s a danger that I’ll miss out on that one by waiting, I don’t think it is meant to stick around. But, I’ve decided that’s a risk I am willing to take.

And why am I willing to take that risk? Because it occurs to me that there are palettes in my collection which I haven’t even used all of the shadows in. So, my new challenge to myself is to take my palettes and spend as much time with them as it takes to use ALL the shades in them at least once.

Because I am also tempted by the new BH Cosmetics 1991 palette, I decided to start with my BH cosmetics palettes. Since they are large, they don’t fit in my main eyeshadow palette drawer. And because of this, there are times I forget to reach for them.

So, beginning this week, I am working through my BH Cosmetics zodiac love signs palette.


Here’s a photo of the inside of the palette. There are many I haven’t messed with in this palette. Of the shimmers, I’ve used Capricorn, Sagittarius, Scorpio, Libra, Virgo, Gemini, Aries, and Pisces. I’ve used all, or close to all the mattes.

Today I decided to add Aquarius to the list of shimmers I’ve used. I don’t know what possessed me to channel my inner Angelica Nyqvist, and I am certainly nowhere near as talented as she is, but I went for full dramatic color today. I began with the scorpio matte to set my primer, this lightened everything up to get the best results for the rest of the look. I used the capricorn matte as a transition shade and the aquarius matte as a crease shade as well as at the outer corner. I then used the aquarius shimmer on the outer half of my lid and the capricorn shimmer on the inner half. Under the eye I used the capricorn matte and a little of the aquarius matte at the outer edge just to blend it in nicely with what was going on above the eye. I used the big highlighter in the middle on my inner corner. I lightly lined the outer edges of my eyes, top and bottom, with a navy blue liner. I used my wetnwild brightener on my waterline.

I wanted to use a project pan item on my lips, so I chose the MUFE lipstick which is a nice cooler-toned pink. It’s really an “old-fashioned” lipstick. I don’t mean that in a bad way at all. It’s thick and creamy. It’s not at all matte. It has fantastic color payoff. It feels great on my lips. It’s exactly the type of lipstick I actually enjoy wearing. Though getting through it will be slow, due to that same color payoff.

I also want to make a quick note of my mascara choice. I used my essence waterproof mascara, the new one. Lash princess. But waterproof. Black and blue container. It is not waterproof. Every time I use it, it transfers. It’s so very irritating. I thought it was just me, but I was recently watching a youtube video (can’t remember which) where the person in the video was complaining about the same thing. It is a definitely will not be repurchasing product.

More things of note. Now that my ears are pierced again and my hair is very short, I’ve really enjoyed wearing earrings. I’ve purchased 2 pairs in a short amount of time. One pair was the spiders, a more artsy decision, and the other an impulse purchase, a total of one dollar, I felt sure the cheap metal would bother my ears but they have not. I’ll show them off here since I am going on about them.


They are ridiculous. And I love them. But that’s not the point, I’ve gone on a tangent. I have a bunch of earrings from way back when, before I let my earlobe piercings close up. All the silver had tarnished pretty significantly and they weren’t really wearable anymore. At least not as they were. I didn’t want to spend the money on cleaner so I looked up how to clean silver jewelry with products I had in the house. Turns out, half a cup of white vinegar and two tablespoons of baking soda works a treat. I put all the jewelry in that concoction for a few hours and then used an old toothbrush to give them a good scrub. Some pieces took longer than others, depending on how tarnished they were. I had one pair that I was certain would never be wearable again. But in the end, every single pair cleaned up nicely with the vinegar and baking soda concoction and a little elbow grease. This entire tangent is basically to say that cleaning up a bunch of old earrings made me feel like I can wear a “new” pair of earrings every day for two weeks and it’s very exciting!

In any case, this post turned out a lot longer than I expected. It got rambly. I had a bunch of thoughts. The main point is, I created a look with the BH Cosmetics zodiac love signs palette and I am going to continue doing so, and posting about it until I’ve used every shade at least once. And then I’ll move on to another palette and do exactly the same thing until I’ve gone through all the palettes I haven’t used all the colors in yet, or maybe, even all the palettes I haven’t used very often.

I swear I do have crafting related content coming. Soon. Soon!

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