Day 2 look

On the theme of continuing to use BH Cosmetics Zodiac Love Signs palette until I’ve at least used every single color in the palette once, I created my second look.


The Leo shimmer is the next color I’d never used. When looking at it, the matte matches it beautifully, so I thought perhaps a monochromatic look might be fun. I used the Leo matte as a transition shade, but then couldn’t leave it be. I used the Virgo matte in my crease for a little additional dimension and then popped the Leo shimmer all over my mobile lid. Under the eye I used the Virgo matte which was left over on the brush I used for a soft wash of color. Then, I put the cancer shimmer on the inner corner. It wasn’t light enough, so I popped the middle highlight color on top of it to lighten it up a bit. It retains its gold color but was light enough to be a highlight. I blended the Cancer shimmer a bit more onto the eyelid to mix it in with Leo, again, for a little more dimension.

For eyeliner, I started with my wet n wild highlight on my waterline. Then I used my new UD brown shimmer liner and actually made a very soft wing which I smudged out quite a bit. I paired this with the nudestix lippie I am trying to pan, and had a pretty good autumnal makeup look, I think!

It’s going to rain all day, so this is really as light a photo as I could possibly get.

I expected to have a few more of these this week, but as it turns out, I couldn’t stick to one palette! This project will stay in rotation until I finish using all the shades, so I will resume again next week.

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