All I Knit Are Socks

I am having my own personal month of socks. Like I used to have in the spring way back when. Except I am not really truly knitting socks exclusively. It just seems like it because that’s what has captured my attention at the moment. Or rather, perhaps my attention is elsewhere and so socks are perfect for me.


Another nice pair of socks with an afterthought heel. I knit these out of the leftover yarn from Mr. Ink’s extremely large and long pair of socks that he wears quite often. The yarn wasn’t technically entered in my stash, so I couldn’t count it as leaving my stash. But I am still really happy to have them knit up and finished, especially since I was craving the simplicity of sock knitting.

I am doing super well on my goal of 40 projects this year now, as this pair of socks brings me to 83% complete. I think this is my year! I wasn’t quite done sock knitting either, so I began another pair. For these, I am using two different yarns I had in stash. I only had enough for one sock of each, so I combined them. I am using the solid pinky red color for the cuff and toe and then just alternating colors each row. I’ve done this before and really liked the result, so I figured this would be a perfect pairing again this time.


I’ll work an afterthought heel at the very end when I know which color of yarn I’ll have enough of to do that with. These eliminated one stashed yarn, as the other never made it into my ravelry stash.

After this? I might knit yet another baby sweater, as I just found out another family member will be having a little girl quite soon. I have pulled out some very pretty yarn for it and that’ll be another project I’ll enjoy while also eliminating another stashed yarn. I admit, I rather love knitting tiny baby items, it’s a really good time!