Back At It

I am back to my exploration of the BH cosmetics zodiac love signs palette.


Upon taking a closer look at this palette, I realized that the only unexplored shadow left was the Taurus shimmer. I haven’t used that before. So, that’s what I worked on using today.

I decided to use the Libra matte as a transition and the Sagittarius matte as an outer corner darkening color. I also blended that into my crease a bit but tried to stay away from the inner third of my lids.

I’ll tell you this, one thing I can say about this palette wholeheartedly is that the mattes are beautiful. If I had to buy this palette all over again knowing what I now know, I’d do so just for the mattes. The shimmers are fine too. But the mattes perform so beautifully for me.

Then I added the Taurus shimmer to my lid. I highlighted the inner corner with the middle highlighter shade. Under the eye I kept it matte, using both mattes I had used on the transition and crease. I lined with a navy blue liner.

I don’t really know why I was expecting the color to be more of a pink than a burgundy. But, on the eyes it’s solidly burgundy. Using the mattes I did, the overall tone is pretty dark and smokey.

I also experimented with a new mascara this morning. It’s the trestique one I got in a boxycharm. Honestly, I am about to just start purchasing the clinique waterproof one I love and calling it good. I am not happy with either of my two essence mascaras currently open. The waterproof one transfers more than any other mascara ever. The regular one transfers too, as does the trestique. It may just be worth it to start using the clinique one I love and calling it good. I am getting really sick of wiping transfer off my browbone and undereye during the day.

Anyhow, that’s it for this palette. I am going to have to choose something else next. I think this time it’ll be something I got in a subscription box, and I’ll then make a decision about whether or not to keep it.