My Small Challenge

This week I plan to use my Butter London Natural Goddess palette in my little challenge for myself. The challenge is to use every color in the palettes I haven’t experimented with very much.


It’s not the most beautiful photo here, but if you want to click elsewhere to see a better photo, you can. There are only two matte shadows in here, Temptress and Femme Fatale.

For day 1, I chose to use a light brown matte as a transition and then place Temptress as an outer corner deepening shade. It was patchy and didn’t blend well at all. That was my previous experience with Femme Fatale as well, but I will use that matte again during this challenge just to make sure. I spent way more time on this morning’s eye look than I would like to have done. I am a lazy makeup person, if it doesn’t blend well, I don’t want to deal with it at all at 6 am.

After I finished using the mattes to the best of my ability, I used Queen all over the lid. Under the eye, I used Temptress at the outer edge and the original light brown matte shade as well. I used a waterline brightener and I used a brown liner at the outer corners of my eye. I also used a highlighter as an inner corner shade. I did highlight my browbone as well with the thrive causmetics brightener I have in my project pan.

I must say that the shimmer color, Queen, performs fine. I did wet my brush. It looks pink in the pan but goes a bit warmer on the eye, it’s more of a copper color.

I appreciated being able to pair this with my nudestix lippie that is so close to being panned!

Day 2: I wanted to use the green color, Star, today. I also wanted to have a different experience with blending. So, Star is the only color from the palette that I used. I chose a mustardy brown color for a transition from sydney grace. It is one that fell out of one of my palettes and broke, and then I repressed it. I hear that mattes don’t repress particularly well, so I wanted to test it to see how it went. It works fine. That was good news since I also was using a dark brown for the outer corner that had been repressed. The same issue, it fell out of a magnetic palette. That one is a depotted Pur shadow that I saved. What a different experience from yesterday, despite being repressed, it was a dark brown that blended much easier than the one from the Butter London palette.

Then I popped Star all over the lid. I used the same two mattes on the undereye, used a highlighter for an inner corner brightener, and the thrive product on the browbone. The look is one I like, it’s warm, it’s fairly understated (for me), and all shadows performed well.

I was able to use the nudestix lippie I am trying to pan yet again, and I was thrilled to do so. I am a day or two from finishing that one now. It is getting very difficult to sharpen and the cap is close to useless. After that, I am going to have to start on some cooler toned shades to work on my other project pan lippies.

Two more shimmer shades to play with before I end this project, and then the teal matte color. I might save the shimmer shades for next week as I am eager to play with my warm-toned palette I depotted recently. And, I also think I’ll save the teal matte for a weekend look. I do not remember having a nice time with it when I last tried to use it, so I just don’t want to start my morning on a workday with that type of frustration. As of right now, I am leaning toward depotting this and saving the shimmers, tossing the mattes. But I should save my verdict for a future post.

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