My Small Challenge

I’ve got two more looks for my small eyeshadow challenge. I am working through all the shades of this palette:


Butter London Natural Goddess palette.

Yesterday I chose to use Diva. I used my newly depotted JH morphe palette mattes for my crease and undereye shades and then just used Diva all over the lid:

This ended up being a rather pleasing neutral look.

Today I got to use the lightest colored shimmer, enchantress. Again, I used mattes from the depotted JH Morphe palette. I used slightly warmer colors in this case though. And then Enchantress all over the lid.

I lined with a teal eyeliner in this case as I just wanted something with a little more interest.

My conclusion, without having used the matte teal shade again, is that the shimmers in this palette are worth keeping. The brown matte shadow isn’t necessary in my collection. I’ll have to make a decision about the teal at a later date. But, I also think that I don’t really NEED this little palette, so I may instead allow this one to go to Miss Butterfly if she wants it.

It’s been one heck of a week, I haven’t gotten much blogging done at all. Even less crafting really. We’ve been out every evening so far and I am exhausted! Hopefully I can get some buttons sewn on a little sweater and get a craft related post up next!

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