October Beauty Balance

Because I decided to declutter a thing or two to Miss Butterfly, I figured I’d do another beauty balance post to encompass those items plus some others I’ve finished.

First of all, I asked Miss Butterfly if she’d like that Butter London palette that I don’t care deeply about. She was extremely eager to take it off my hands, so I am letting that go along with an essence waterproof mascara that is not at all waterproof and actually transfers even more than my regular essence mascaras I am testing. I am also handing over my tarte face tape sample in case it works for Miss Butterfly. I tried it, it’s a little light and a little cakey on me. I could experiment and make it work, but the reality is that I don’t want to. She can sheer it out if the color works for her, as she’s got nice skin and no redness to cover, so sheer works for her.


The other finished items are two from my project pan and one little sample. I finished my mac pro longwear foundation. To be honest, I am sad about that on so many levels. It’s the foundation I wore for my wedding. It looks better on my skin than ANY other foundation I’ve ever tried. It sticks to my nose. You’d think, “Ok, why won’t you just purchase more of that then?” And the reality is that the shade I had it in requires me to either be using something like jergens natural glow in order to be the appropriate shade for this foundation or it has to be summer. They don’t carry it in my best mac shade match. I do think I’ll do a little bit of sampling in the near future, in an attempt to see if I can find a shade that will work better than the one I had. I do want that foundation in my life again. However, I also have plenty of other foundations to work through so it’s not an immediate need.

As for the other two items, I finished my benefit dandelion twinkle which is really cool! I can’t believe I managed to finish an entire highlighter. It did require fairly consistent use. I do like that particular highlighter and I would consider purchasing it in the future. However, I’ve got more highlighters than any other one makeup item in my collection now so I won’t be repurchasing any time soon.

And finally, there’s the cerave sample moisturizer. I liked this quite a lot and definitely would consider repurchasing sometime in the future. I am all set with moisturizers at the moment, but I like that I got to sample a less expensive option this way.

I had 3 items leaving over what entered in my last post, this post makes it 9 items so far this month. I know that I’ll have two more at the very least by the end of the month, but we’ll have to wait and see if I can bump that up even more. I DO still need a back up texturizing spray and I am having some dry skin issues that might necessitate another purchase but I am trying to avoid that.

I do believe this will be my last beauty balance post until the end of the month though, I don’t think I’ll have anything coming in that cannot wait until then.

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