This Time

This time it wasn’t allergies.

That’s right, Mr. Ink and I are both sick. On Friday I thought “Gosh, my allergies are really acting up today!” But, by the evening I knew it wasn’t allergies. Yesterday morning we took Rose to the dog park to make sure she had a whole bunch of running time so we could relax. I did chores around the house when I could and then worked on my knitting. Mr. Ink planted things. Then he asked me if I wanted to go on a bike ride. Which caused me to exclaim “You and me do sickness VERY differently!”

Later on, I realized why. We do sickness differently because I have asthma and he does not. Any sickness means my lungs are shot and even climbing stairs can make me need an inhaler. He does not have this issue.

I decided that I needed a new project for a cold. I decided on the Pyropa pattern with some handspun laceweight singles. Seemed like something I could sink my teeth into when feeling like I wanted to ignore the symptoms.


I know you can’t really see the lace pattern without it being blocked but it’s very pretty! I am enjoying the choice. The handspun is a gradient so I am looking forward to the other colors that appear as I continue. I am working on my sock project as well when I am wanting something a little less taxing on the brain, but it has been fun to have something complicated at the moment.

4 thoughts on “This Time

  1. I am sorry you are both sick! And though I don’t have asthma, I do sickness like you do! Puttering at the chores as I feel up to it, casting on something new. 😂

    • He would not be the first person I’ve been with who thinks “Sweat it out” is a viable option, but it’s definitely not for me. I am at work today and even just walking in from the parking lot was too much for my lungs. I really like the way we do sickness. It definately feels superior. 🙂

      • Sweat it out always scares me! I am already low energy and shaky when I am sick, I think exertion would not help it. I am in the “fluids and rest” camp. I agree, our way is superior!

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