Day 3

I am on day 3 with this lace project, still sick, and I stayed home from work today. And boy I am glad I did! I hear the irritation of my staff when one arrives sick and should have stayed home, I don’t want that directed at me! The mornings are full of coughing, the mid-mornings are full of sore throat and wanting to sleep. It’s “just” a cold, but even a cold is highly irritating.

So, I am resting and working on my laceweight project and really enjoying it. Though, I am getting a bit bored at this point. At least I’ve worked myself into the next color. Here’s the yesterday photo next to today’s photo.

Progress has certainly been made. For the record, today’s photo is more the actual color of the yarn. I took yesterday’s photo pretty late in the day.

Yesterday was definitely a day in which we didn’t do much at all. I was very ok with that. We managed to get to a store to get some shoes for Miss Butterfly. I had a coupon that was expiring that day and wanted to be able to use it when we got her much needed new shoes. Sadly, since they were name brand, the coupon didn’t work anyhow. On the other hand, her shoes were on sale, so it worked out in the end. She’s been wearing the same pair of sneakers since the 8th grade and the soles were peeling away from the shoe. She loves those sneakers so she didn’t tell me about this for a time. Not until it got too bad. I am hoping we have found a pair she can love for the next few years. Other than that, it was hang out with the dogs, knit, and nap. I’ll do more of the same today, but without the shopping.

That’s it from here. I’ve got some handspun yarn to show off soon. I finished it last week but didn’t have the motivation to pull it off the wheel once I got sick. That being said, I may already have a project picked out for it, so that could be fun!

6 thoughts on “Day 3

  1. Oh, glad you are taking some sick time, and resting! I am one who gets annoyed at people going to work sick, because it seems to take me forever to recover these days. I wear a mask if I have to do it, or if someone near me is sick. It’s odd, but it works. But staying home is better.

    The knitting looks good! But it will be a long slog if you are already bored. Better go take a nap!

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