Beauty Balance that Doesn’t Count

I’ve got a quick beauty balance post, even though I am not “counting” it.

After getting awfully tired of purchasing cotton pads for toner and makeup removal, I worked at cutting back. For some toners, they are thick enough just to pour into my hands and apply that way. I’ve gotten away from using cotton pads for makeup removal at all. But, I still had times where I could really use a cotton pad.

So, I decided to purchase reusable ones. Naturally, I went with an etsy shop because that’s a thing I do. I ended up getting cotton rounds. Plain cotton on one side and terry cloth on the other side. I also picked up some cotton flannel cloths for face makeup removal. I had already decided I didn’t want to keep using makeup wipes and now only use them when they show up as a sample. I often use a cleansing balm for makeup removal, but I also sometimes use plain coconut oil. Since that doesn’t emulsify, I have to use some sort of cloth.


These guys came in on my sick day and they are super cute! Yes, I totally could have made some myself, but it was worth it to me to just pay someone to do it. I also got a little laundry bag for my bathroom so I can just pop the dirty ones in there and wash on the weekend.

These turned out really cute. There are no fabric choices, they just send a variety. I am thrilled. Foxes, owls, dogs dressed as unicorns, all super cute and fun and entirely serviceable!

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