The Small Challenge

I took a break for being sick with a cold and not wearing much makeup, but now I am back to working my way through another palette I haven’t really used all the colors in. The new palette is Pretty Vulgar Nightingale.


It’s a nice cool-toned palette I received in a subscription box. I’ve done very little with it beyond swatching it. So now I am going to work through this and see how it actually performs. I do like cool-toned eye looks and this is the perfect time for year for that if you ask me.

For the first look, I used Nocturnal to set my primer. I used Hide & Seek as a transition shade and Flip Out in my crease and outer corner. I used Clutch all over my lid. For my inner corner, I used Break Free and I used Hide & Seek and Flip out under my eye.

As you can see it was fresh haircut day today! I always think I look a little funny until I have a couple days of growth back. In any case, the eyeshadows performed well. The look is so basic. Flip Out was a bit patchy but nothing I couldn’t work with. I did use a royal blue eyeliner with this look, seemed appropriate.

So, day 1 verdict, no harm no foul. It’s fine by me. Not ridiculously interesting but still a palette I can use. I am eager to try the slate blue color for my next look.

Day 2:

Today we went pretty smokey, smokier than I expected, that’s for sure!

I used Nocturnal to set my base. I used Hide & Seek as a transition shade. Then, I used Swoop in the outer corner. I tried to bring that into the crease, but then ended up using Flip Out instead. I packed Silver Spoon all over my lid and it was a lot darker than I expected it to be. In order to brighten it up, I used Break Free on the center of the lid over top of Silver Spoon. I also used Break Free as an inner corner highlight. On the lower lashline I used Hide & Seek and Flip Out. I lined with a dark navy liner at the outer corners of my upper and lower lashline, and I smudged that out as well.

The Break Free on top of Silver Spoon does help it have some dimension and to catch the light a bit. I think that Silver Spoon looks really shiny initially but that shine wears off very quickly. Within a couple of hours. Swoop and Flip Out are very similar colors, definitely only need Flip Out in the palette. I have a suspicion I’ll feel similarly about a few other colors as well.

But, that’s enough on this palette this week, I’ll resume next week. I still need to use Pillow Fight, Eye Spy, Darkside, After Midnight, and All Nighter. I suspect that will mean about 3 more looks with this palette before I have used every shade and am ready to put it away. That being said, this is not one I am leaning toward decluttering. Do I have other cool-toned palettes I like better? Absolutely. But already I feel like this one, while rarely used, does serve some purpose in my collection.