Weekend Activities

We postponed a trip to a local state park for some hiking until this weekend due to being sick last weekend. We probably missed peak pretty leaves, but I am glad we waited. Now, we figured that walking the active Miss Rose would be easier and more fun for everyone after she had a dog park trip. But, while this is probably a story for another day, during the week Lizzie got attacked by three dogs at the dog park. (She’s ok. We didn’t even make it INTO the dog park. It was all extremely scary.) So, I didn’t want to take her to the dog park again just yet. And she’s never going to that particular park again because this was run-in number two with the dog that started it.

So, Mr. Ink took Rose to the safer dog park and I took Lizzie with me to run errands. We went and picked up Rose’s dog food and a new toy. Then we ran some other errands and drove around in the car. Our final stop was at another pet store where our rescue was conducting a meet and greet. We spent about an hour visiting with Rose’s foster family who have a new foster dog as well as visiting with other folks (and dogs!) there. This gave Lizzie the opportunity to be among dogs but in a safe environment, and she had a good time being pet by all the humans.

Then once home we had lunch and then headed out for our hike. Now, the hike is the type of thing Lizzie loves most. She loves to wade in water, she likes to choose the best route for her to get over obstacles. She loves sniffing around. These are the types of activities she loves the best. Last year Rose spent the entire hike with her tail tucked between her legs, she was still a really nervous girl last year. This year she was having a pretty good time. She even voluntarily did some wading in the water.

It was a really pretty and pleasant day. Mid 50’s weather, dry, sunny, just a perfect autumn day to be out exploring.

I think Rose’s favorite part of the afternoon happened right at the end, we walked by some cows in a field and she was so curious as to what the heck they could be.


She spent a lot of time investigating them, it was very cute.

It was nice to be feeling up for a hike even if we also paid for it a bit with some extra coughing later on.

Today I am catching up on chores, hoping to have a relaxing but very productive day. Tomorrow I’ll show off where I am on my current lace project because it’ll be clear it has captured my attention very well.