Attention Captured

Last night was another long night of coughing. I am hoping it turns out I am over the true worst of it now. It got so bad that Mr. Ink, who always goes to bed much later than I do, came in and asked if there was ANYTHING he could do to help. Even offered to go out and get some nyquil or cough suppressant. I am really hoping that the coughing means everything is now draining, and that’s why I was feeling particularly miserable.

So, what’s been really nice during this rather prolonged cold process is that I’ve had a piece of knitting that has really captured all my attention when I am resting. Now, yesterday I was feeling pretty good (until the evening coughing began) so I was highly productive. I’d told Mr. Ink that my plan was to be highly productive while being inside and introverted. I did a bunch of laundry. I packed away my summer clothing and laundered and folded and put away my winter clothing. I did some basement rearranging and sorting. I did some sorting in the main areas of the house and a whole bunch of clean up. I walked the dogs, though they were still quite exhausted from our previous day’s activities. I made myself soup for lunch and made apple crisp for dessert with Miss Butterfly. It really was an all-around lovely and productive day.

And in the midst of those moments, I knit.


This is about halfway through the day, I am well into the third color here. By the end of the day, I’d made it into the fourth color. That color is really just a deeper shade of the third color. My interest does not seem to be waning in any way at all. Since the shawl just gets larger and larger, the rows are longer and longer. I rather enjoy the rhythm of the lace at this point. I cannot memorize the pattern completely, but I just need a prompt every line of the pattern and I am off and running. I need to make more like this!