Little Project

Here we go folks, the last post for my little project with the Nightingale palette from Pretty Vulgar.


I have been noticing that even the shimmers don’t stay particularly shimmery throughout the day. As such, I figured I really could use a shimmer in the crease and get away with it. So for today, I used Hide & Seek as a transition, Darkside in my crease, and Pillow Fight all over my lid. It’s a much lighter look than I have been creating with this palette and I am happy about that.

I used Break Free on my inner corner and Darkside under my eye. That was it. No liner, nothing else.

I paired this with my absolute favorite color lipstick for cool-toned eyeshadows, this one is Mac Let Them Eat Cake! It’s the first time I’ve worn this color and I am thrilled. It’s an exact color match for the nyx intense butter gloss I panned last year during the winter. But, I like the formula even more. A real win of a lipstick choice!

Here’s the spoiler, I’ve decided I am moving this palette out of my collection. I don’t want to use it. I don’t care for it. I have a different cool-toned eyeshadow palette I like far more than this one. There are some serious downsides to this particular cool-toned palette. The shimmers do not stay shimmery at all. They lose all luster they had by midday. Sometimes even sooner. And then, even with appropriate primer, by the time I get home from work they are creasing so badly and leaving patches of bare eyelid skin on my lids. This is not a palette I need in my life, I’d much prefer to pass it to Miss Butterfly, if she wants it, and go back to using the cool-toned palettes in my collection I actually love.