October Beauty Balance Finale

Nothing else arrived in my collection this month, so now it’s time to balance the rest of the empties. I had 9 items leaving my collection last month. Now it’s time to see what else I worked through.


I finished my powder play hair powder. I loved this product. We’ll see if other powders live up to it. I have two to try in my collection already.

I have a garnier micellar cleanser, I do not like this one bit. It foams, it’s gentle, but it tastes awful if you happen to get it near your mouth. Not for me.

I finished a much loved product that I won’t repurchase, the Mary Kay extra emolliant night cream. I love the product, it has been super helpful in many capacities. But, I think I can replace it with readily available shea butter with similar results.

I finished a sample of ulta’s makeup remover wipes. I was glad to use them but won’t purchase, as I am moving away from using disposable wipes completely.

Then there are my two lip products. One has gone off, the MUFE lipstick sample smells terrible. I finished the nudestix product early on in the month too.

That’s 6 more items leaving my collection, bringing this month’s total to 15.

Then there’s the bonus content. I have some foil packets that do not count but that I did use. The first is a shampoo by System. It was one of those shampoos that doesn’t foam, which feels a bit strange. But, it still worked just fine. I would not like to try to use it on long hair, but I’ve got very short hair which makes using such products perfectly easy.

I tried a Nars foundation and concealer sample. There’s a fair amount of them in the sample actually. I tried the Mont Blanc foundation color and it was a bit light for me. Because I then darkened it with my born this way foundation, I got 3 days use out of it. It is not my favorite foundation by a long shot, and especially this time of year when I want something less matte. The concealer was nice though, I like it quite a bit and am still using it. That’s a surprising number of uses already and it’s nowhere near done. I have other foundation and concealer sample colors but don’t want to break into them just now.

And then I also used the Becca foundation sample. This was one I really enjoyed actually. A very nice foundation. It wanted a pore filling primer around the outside of my nose. Other than that, it worked beautifully. And there was enough for one day of wear! I would definitely consider purchasing it in the future. I’ve got plenty of foundation to work through for now, but I am super happy to have gotten an opportunity to try the sample.

That’s it. 15 products out, some samples sampled, and beauty is better than balanced for the month of October.