Yesterday in Makeup

Miss Butterfly is kind of getting too old for trick-or-treating. Nevertheless, she wanted to go back to the neighborhood she grew up in to spend time with her friends there. She had told me that she wouldn’t dress up this year, just go with the youngest daughter to make sure she got to do as much trick-or-treating as she wanted while her older sisters were doing their own thing.

At the last minute though, she decided to pull out her BH take me back to brazil palette and do a clown look. She didn’t have much time, so she didn’t get very far. Not far enough even to mess around with a lip look. But, she did get some eye work done, and I thought it looked pretty cool. I gave her a good spritz of urban decay all nighter setting spray and she was off! The look actually looked better and better as the evening wore on.

Here’s her photo, mid-eye roll because mom takes photos.


I really appreciated her blending skills. Would have been fun to spend more time on it.

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