Weekend Activity

Hi all! Quick update on my weekend activity. I am FINALLY feeling better from this long virus. While I still have a runny and stuffy nose, I don’t feel miserable 100% of the time.

So, when I heard that our rescue where we got both of our dogs needed a transport driver on Sunday, I figured I could do it.

It was kind of funny actually. I had told Mr. Ink the weekend before that I wanted a “Mad Max” weekend where we watched the movies. He joked that it would take me a month to watch all the movies since I typically can’t sit through more than half a movie at a time. And then we watched Solo instead. Over the course of 2 days.

So this weekend turned into my “Mad Max” weekend, and by that I mean over the course of two days we watched Road Warrior. That’s it. But, I found it funny that our rescue calls transport drivers “road warriors” so it turned into a “Mad Max” weekend after all.

The rescue had gotten 14 dogs in on Saturday rather late at night, as that transport had a very long haul. This kept the rescue extremely busy, and the rescue owner who had just come down with (likely) a virus similar to mine wasn’t feeling up to the Sunday transport. So, I took the Sunday transport which was only 3 hours round trip. And only one dog.

I headed to the meetup place early, as I don’t ever want to leave another transport driver waiting. That driver was already there. This time, I didn’t know what I was getting. I’d put Lizzie’s kennel in the back of my car just in case. Turns out, I wouldn’t need it. My transport turned out to be a very cute 10 month old dog, rather on the small side, and very friendly and sweet. He was food motivated, active, and attached himself to humans very quickly. Sadly, this meant he wasn’t ready to let go of the other transport driver so he whined for a bit once I took him. But soon enough he was asking me for scritches, and then settled down to nap.

He alternated between napping (In fairly odd positions!) and jumping into the back and playing. Very self-sufficient of him, entertaining himself well. Not the least bit destructive either. He had a toy to chew but never needed it.

The entire trip was completed with no incident whatsoever, and I passed him off to the rescue owner for his intake photos. Where he got very perplexed as to why I could be leaving him, just as he had with his previous transport driver. He is going to make someone an absolutely perfect and loving companion, and I can’t wait to keep track of him and see where he goes. It’s easy to get attached to these sweethearts. They come to us in their time of need, and despite what should be a rather anxious time for them, they are full of love to give. I am so glad I had the opportunity for another transport! Can’t wait ’till the next one!

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