Because of the time change…

Due to the time change over the weekend, I was up extra early on Monday morning. Despite having made sure to stay up later so that I could adjust my schedule, I woke up before 5. This is no huge surprise, I’m a morning person and sometimes trying to sleep in is not an option.

As such, I ended up with a little extra time to mess around with makeup. I pulled out the JH Morphe palette, now singles. I decided I wanted a forest green outer corner and a gold/bronze shimmer on the lid. Now, never one to be able to make a winged liner, I knew I couldn’t attempt that on a work morning without looking ridiculous. I missed the boat with winged liner I think. If I’d learned when I was young and kept at it over the years, maybe I would have learned to work with my hooded eyes, and then aging skin. Now it feels kind of hopeless.

So, I thought about what I could do to create a similar effect, and I ended up with something pretty simple. I used concealer to make a rather harsh line in the same area I’d place a wing if I were trying to do that. I figured if it looked weird, no worries, it was early enough to buff that line back out.


I dunno, it looks kinda wing-like and smokey. It was fun to have time to experiment, but I would definitely love it if my schedule adjusted again so I don’t have as much time in the morning. 🙂