November Beauty Balance

It’s another moment for a beauty balance post. At the end of October, I was doing very well with my beauty balance. I had 15 items leaving my collection over what entered it.

I did make a purchase, I purchased a toner, something alcohol-free and hydrating, as my skin is definitely reacting to the change in weather. And then in an effort to find a texture spray I like as much as the moroccan oil one, I purchased a couple texture sprays.


The toner is from Kiehl’s and I am enjoying it so far.

The two texture sprays I am counting right now are from Kenra and Sexy Hair. The one from Kyn is not at all what I am looking for and I already gave it to Miss Butterfly.

I have tried both the Kenra and the Sexy Hair product and I like them both quite well, so I do think I have found a few options that work for me. I may also continue to explore, hoping for even less expensive items. But, my major goal was to move away from making additional sephora purchases. Ulta’s points system is so much better that I am always hoping to purchase there instead.

So, that’s 3 items in.

Here’s what I’ve got leaving my collection.


The CeraVe cleanser is one that I keep in the shower for use for Miss Butterfly and me both. We really like it, and I find it to be the perfect morning cleanser when I am just needing the fresh start of a clean face, rather than trying to remove the remains of makeup and a cleansing balm.

The Briogeo conditioner is going to Miss Butterfly, as I do not need it. Once she finishes this one, she’ll have finished up my stash of conditioners and we’ll have to purchase new.

I finished up a perfume sample, this was the atelier vanille insensee. I liked it quite a lot but also this was what I was wearing when I developed my cold so it can go far on the back burner for now, as I am associating it with getting sick.

And finally, I finished up my Mad Hippie vitamin c serum. I don’t feel like this was something special that I need to repurchase. It’s a lovely serum and feels great on the face but I don’t need it.

3 products in but 4 products out leaves me at 16 products out over what came in. I am pretty happy about that!

I did avail myself of deciem’s slow November sale, so I do have a few skincare products on their way to me. After that, I’ve no real plans for any makeup or skincare purchases, so that’ll probably be my last incoming beauty for the month.